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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

4th of July Weekend

Pixlr (1)Happy 4th of July to all of my US friends. :) I have had a four day weekend which is pretty nice considering in my last job that would have never happened. To be fair since I work in an international company work never truly stops as businesses and offices around the world aren't closed for US holidays. But it's still nicer to be occasionally checking into things & logging in for a few hours from home rather than being in the office itself. Not looking forward to tomorrow though. It will be the first day back after our office having been closed for 4 days plus I am covering for a co-worker out on vacation. So yeah, gonna try and not think about that until tomorrow. :) 

We have mostly been taking it easy on this weekend which is fine by me. Saturday we went to the movies and saw "Baby Driver" which was really good. Then had lunch and relaxed. Sunday Mike met up with our friend John and I spent some time at home writing letters and reading. And later for dinner Mike and I went to Rosy Tomorrow's for dinner which was really nice. It was the perfect summer night to be sitting outside, enjoying dinner and some wine and dessert. Only thing not perfect are the mosquito bites that are still bothering me now. Grrr. 

Yesterday, Monday, Mike had to work so I spent the day at home going back and forth between writing more letters, reading and logging into my work emails trying to catch up on a few things. Was a pretty relaxed day all in all. Had plenty of time, played with the cats, nice day all around. At night we went out to Rizzuto's. Today we haven't quite decided what we are doing yet. We slept in and are now pondering the rest of the day. Will probably have lunch and then catch up on some TV shows later. 

And then tomorrow it's back to work and reality but at least it will be a short work week. And then we have a room booked in NYC for Saturday night next weekend. So we will get to spend Saturday and Sunday in the city. No real plans yet on what we will do but we will come up with something I am sure. 

Letter/Mail Update: Letters went out yesterday to: Celia/MA, Eloine/NY, Eunice/Malta and Caroline/Scotland. Received letters from/owe replies to: Kimber/Canada.

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