Sunday, March 25, 2018

Where is spring?

PixlrSo it is now officially spring but I think nature didn't quite get that memo.  We had more snow and another Nor'Easter this week. To be fair we didn't get nearly the amount that they forecasted for our area but it's just annoying needing to deal with ice and snow at all at the end of March. I am really over it. Ugh. 

I am ready for some nicer weather, sun, spring flowers and for nature to wake up again. I guess it will happen sooner or later. Next weekend is Easter and we are going to head up to Maine. Got a deal on Travelzoo for a hotel in Portland, Maine so that should be good. Just 2 nights but it's always nice to be away for a bit.  I have a 1/2 day off for Good Friday and decided to take 1/2 a vacation day so we can head up to Maine on Friday. We will come back Sunday. No real plans as the weather looks a bit iffy but I guess we can play it by ear and see how it goes. 

Annoying it's already Sunday again but I guess at least I will have a 4 day week next week which will be nice. Also it's only a month now until I leave for Europe. Looking forward to going. My parent's cat passed away earlier this week which is sad. It will be weird going there and not having him around. He was a Maine Coon and such a sweet and friendly giant cat. RIP Jumbo. 

This weekend we mostly relaxed. Ran a few errands,  had lunch.  My new Galaxy S9 phone also got delivered. But I didn't realize it uses a different charging cable than my current S7 so I am ordering more cables before I activate the phone.  

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up at the moment :) 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Kevin Hart, St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Kevin-Hart-The-Irresponsible-TourSo tomorrow is the first official day of spring. It really does not feel like spring though. Right now (at 7.15am) it is 26F (-3C) and feels like 19F (-7C) according to the Weather Channel. The high later is supposed to be 40F (4C) And I don't think tomorrow is going to be a whole lot better. And for Wednesday there is snow in the forecast again. Not a lot, about 1-3 inches is what they are saying right now (2.5-7.5 cm) But still. Just ugh. I am really just over winter and the snow/ice/cold. I am ready for some warmer weather. Well I guess, patience is a virtue. It will come sooner or later. 

This weekend we went to Bridgeport on Saturday to see Kevin Hart's standup at the Webster Bank Arena. Definitely a lot of fun. Saturday was also St. Patrick's Day. I am really not a big fan of the holiday, especially here in the US. Everyone seems to go a little crazy. We ended up at an Italian restaurant prior to the show. (to avoid the St. Patrick's Day crowds) We originally decided to go to a place called Milano Wine Bar but weren't too thrilled with it. After we finished our drink, we left and then we saw another Italian place across the street called Trattoria 'A Vucchella and went there instead. Neat little place with really good food. Lots of Italian people working there as well which was a good sign. I had lasagna and it was pretty yum. Anyway, we hung out there for a while before heading to the show. Luckily the weather wasn't too terrible. It was cold but no rain or snow so the 10 minute walk back and forth to the arena from the garage wasn't too bad. 

Sunday we went to the movies and saw " Annihilation". All in all a good movie even though I am still not a 100% how to interpret the whole thing. I can't really say too much about it without giving things away but anyway I'd recommend it. It was different and interesting enough. And I always enjoy Natalie Portman. After the movies we had lunch at 121 in Oxford. Then stopped at the store for some stuff and eventually caught up with some recorded shows. And well here we are and now it's Monday again. 

We'll see what this week brings. I am really not in the mood for more snow on Wednesday. Normally that would be the best day as I usually works from home on Wednesdays but I decided to go into the office this week for a meeting. Let's hope it doesn't end up cancelled. Well, we shall see I suppose. 

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up at the moment :) 

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Is it spring yet??

IMG_20180310_193633_501I am so over winter, I really am. We ended up with about 14 inches of snow in Danbury last Wednesday (some neighboring towns got as much as 28 and more) and I am really just over it. Some of it has melted but definitely not all. And they are forecasting another storm for Monday night into Tuesday. Right now it doesn't look like it will be a major one but I don't want another 4-6 inches on top of what we already have. I am ready for spring. Well enough complaining. At least we didn't lose power as a lot of people lost power the Friday before that due to heavy winds/rain and then also on Wednesday with the winds/heavy snow bringing down a lot of trees. 

Had another quiet weekend as Mike had to go to NJ (Princeton) on a last minute business trip. So I ended up having a very quiet weekend with the cats, lots of reading, drinking tea, etc. Friday night I watched "Not Another Happy Ending" Was a fun indie type movie set in Scotland. It had 2 actors in it who also starred in Outlander (Stanley Weber & Gary Lewis) which was a happy coincidence as well as Karen Gillian who I really like. So that was a fun movie to watch. 

Also been doing a good amount of reading. Let's see, just finished "The Accidental Empress" by Alison Pataki. It's historical fiction and based on Sisi/Elisabeth, the Austrian empress. I really enjoyed it. There's a second book/sequel that I just checked out from the library as well. I also read "Beautiful Ruins" by Jess Walters and that was really good as well. Different people and settings as well as decades (now, 60ies, Hollywood, Italy, Scotland and more) all intertwined. Went to the library earlier today and checked out 3 more books. Definitely on a roll with my reading so far this year. 

Well tomorrow is already Monday again. I've been tired all day and I blame it on the fact that we switched over to Daylight Savings time. That always makes me feel out of sorts. And I hate that we switch so early in the year now (legacy from W. Bush) 2 weeks before Europe. Annoying. It was just starting to get light out in the morning when I have to get up and tomorrow morning it will probably be pitch black dark again. I hate getting up in the dark, one of my least favorite parts of winter, well besides the cold and the snow and all that. 

Well this seemed like a pretty bitchy post altogether today. I do apologize for that. Hopefully the next one will be a bit more cheery. Fingers crossed. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out tomorrow to: Celia/MA.

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Monday, March 05, 2018

Oscar Weekend

Pixlr (2)And now it's March. I am really over winter and was hopeful that we might end up with an early spring considering some of the nice days we have had. Well, seems like it's not meant to be as they are forecasting a relatively big snow storm for Wednesday this week. Ugh. Last Friday we had a mix of rain and snow and tons of wind which caused a lot of issues all over the area. Luckily we were fine, didn't lose power or really encounter any other major problems. But I know a lot of people in the Northeast had to do deal with flooding, power outages, down trees etc. There is a tree down at the end of our street but luckily it didn't cause any real problems. 

I am definitely over winter and the snow/ice and ready for spring. I can't wait. well, in the meantime I'll cross my fingers that Wednesday's storm doesn't turn out too bad. I am already scheduled to work from home on Wednesday so that's nice at least. I do have a check up appointment at the orthodontist Thursday morning though. I'll need to figure out what to do with that. I guess I'll keep an eye on the forecast and decide tomorrow. I was planning on walking to the orthodontist and then walking to work but if it's the morning after the storm the sidewalks may not be in the best of shape yet. Guess we'll see. 

This past weekend was pretty low key. Saturday we went to the movies and saw "Game Night". Not the best movie ever but it was entertaining enough. Had lunch afterwards and I spent the evening reading. Sunday was Oscar Day so we ended up watching the Oscars which was enjoyable. It always does seem to drag on forever but it was still fun to watch. Jimmy Kimmel did a good job as the host and all in all it was pretty fun to watch. Had some cheese & crackers and chips & dip as well as some wine. Enjoyable night. 

Let's see, what else is new? Oh I got tickets to the Outlander Convention in New Jersey. It's not until August so still some time away but should be a fun day. I am going with my friend Falguni. Never been to any convention/ComiCon type thing so should be interesting. Not usually a fan of big crowds but should be fun, people watching, seeing the actors, etc. I haven't purchased any of the autograph or photo ops tickets though. Just have a hard time justifying the money for that. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Crazy Weather & Low Key Week/Weekend

Instaweather_20180221_164723And already Sunday night again. It's been a relatively quiet week. Well work was busy at times but my private life was relatively low key and quiet as IMG_20180221_180631_065Mike left for a business trip on Wednesday and is not coming back till tomorrow morning. It was an unexpected trip but at least he got some time to enjoy himself over the weekend before heading back. In the meantime I was still here in CT, going to work and doing my usual thing.

Wednesday when he left was the weirdest weather day for Connecticut in February. High temps reached 80F (26C) at one point. So crazy. I worked from home on Wednesday and had all the windows open during the day. The cats were definitely enjoying it. I was able to finish work at 4 and walked downtown to make some use of the nice weather. Went to the library to get some books and then stopped at the new coffee shop right across from the library. After that since it was still so nice out I decided to walk up Main Street and try out the relatively new restaurant/bistro called "Pour Me". I was in luck as they have a special on Wednesdays for 'Wine Wednesday" (2 glasses of wine plus a flatbread pizza) Stayed there for a bit and then made my way back home. 

The weather turned more February like on Thursday (schools actually had early dismissals due to sleet) again so I have spent most of my evenings and the weekend indoors. Did manage to make another quick trip to the library on Saturday morning before the rain started but other than that been indoors. Been watching a lot of movies ("The Jane Austen Book Club", "Mother's Day", "All Roads Lead to Rome" and today "The Circle") as well reading. Finished "The Breakdown" by B.A. Paris in a night and also read a murder mystery set at a B&B in the South. Might start another book tonight in a bit. 

Also managed to write three letters, vacuum and clean up a little. Also answered all of my outstanding emails. So all in all it's been a few productive days I suppose. I am definitely ready for Mike to be home tomorrow though and for things to go back to normal. As nice as it is to have the bed to myself and to be able to watch chick flicks on end it does get old after a while. :) 

Letter/Mail Update: Letters are going out tomorrow to: Kimber/Canada, Lotte/Denmark and Nina/WA.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Valentine's, Mike's Birthday & snow/weird weather

PixlrSuch weird weather lately.  Saturday into Sunday we had 6 inches (15cm) of snow and Wednesday it's supposed to be almost 70F (21C) That is not normal for February at all . I am definitely over winter and ready for spring and consistent warmer temps. Over the snow. I know it's only February but yeah.

This week was Valentine's Day. We didn't go crazy over it. Just had a nice dinner at Rizzuto's and our friends John & Jana stopped by and joined us. 

Saturday we went to the movies and saw "The Greatest Showman". The music and production was really good,  the plot a bit flat. But I still enjoyed it overall.  Then we had lunch in Oxford and I spent the snowy evening catching up on some letters and reading. 

Today is Mike's birthday.  We slept in for a bit. Then lunch at Flipside and we are meeting some friends at Rizzuto's for dinner for Mike's birthday.  Should be fun.  I got him tickets for Kevin Hart's standup show in March. That should be fun.  

Letter/Mail Update: Letters are going out on Tuesday (Monday is a mail holiday) to: Eunice and Carmen/Malta and Laura/Spain. Received a letter/owe a reply to: Kimber/Canada, Lotte/Denmark and Nina/WA.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Anniversary Weekend

26872553_1566093346778459_7949125102069612544_n17 years ... it's really crazy to me to think about the fact that I have now been married for 17 years and 1 day. Where did all this time go? It's so weird. 26868887_101001854053586_6974658831481569280_nIt makes me feel truly old. I mean to be fair I was only 21 when we got married (you do the math where that puts me today) but still. Well, I guess time flies when you're having fun right? We've had our ups and downs but then what relationship doesn't to some degree? But all in all it's been pretty smooth sailing when I look at some other people's relationships. Definitely something to be thankful for. :) 

Our anniversary weekend has been very nice so far. Yesterday, Saturday, we went out to the east side of Connecticut to Clinton to have lunch at the bistro at Chamard Vineyard. Always enjoy going there. It was a super dreary day but it was fun nonetheless. The food was super delicious as always. We hung out for a while, snacking and drinking wine. Afterwards we decided to put in one more stop at another winery that I had been wanting to check out. So we drove to North Stonington (pretty much as far as you can go before hitting the Rhode Island border) for a wine tasting at Jonathan Edwards Winery. Definitely a neat place and we will need to go back when the weather is nicer. Seems like a good place to sit outside when the weather is warmer. Soon after we were done there the rain started and we had to make our 2 hour drive back in the rain. Not very enjoyable but other than that it was a nice day. Stopped at Rizzuto's when we got back and finished out the night there.

Today we slept in late which was nice and now are going to have lunch at 121 in Oxford. Then going to start catching up on some of our recorded shows. Managed to get a bit behind again so we'll try and catch up a little. And then tomorrow is already Monday again. Wednesday is Valentine's Day. No huge plans. Just going to hang out at Rizzuto's I think. And next week Sunday is Mike's birthday. No real plans for that yet either. He's not a huge birthday person so we'll see. 

Last week Wednesday was our Circle of Excellence dinner at work. I finished off the year at 95.51% with 212 surveys completed. The weather was a bit iffy but luckily not too bad. And the dinner was delicious (it was held at a local steak house). Fun break in the middle of the week. Let's see what else? Oh we booked a 2 night stay in Portland, Maine for Easter weekend so that should be fun. And I also booked flights to Europe to see my parents. Flying to Trieste, Italy on April 25 and will then spend some time in Piran, Slovenia with my parents before heading back to Austria, spending a few days there and flying back from Vienna on May 7th. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out to: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Laura/Spain, Eunice/Malta, Kimber/Canada and Carmen/Malta. 

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Monday, February 05, 2018

And it's February ...

Hello-february-months-month-february-february-quotes-hello-february-QiRyoy-clipart3And somehow it's February already. This year is starting to fly by already. Well, at least I am feeling better so that's something. Still not a 100% but I am definitely feeling much better than a week ago. Colds and the flu definitely seems to be going around. A bunch of people sneezing, coughing, out sick, etc. Well I hope I don't catch anything else any time soon. Fingers crossed. 

Not too much else new I suppose. This past week went by relatively quick without too much to report. On Saturday we went to the movies to see "Molly's Game" which was very good. Went to a theater in Torrington (about 55 min away) because the theater near us was only playing it late in the day and we wanted to see an earlier show. Afterwards we had lunch and in the evening I finally took the tree down. Yeah, yeah, I know. I had meant to do it much earlier and then last weekend with being sick it got postponed by another week. But it's finally done now. Tree is down and back in the attic for another year. 

Sunday we went to the movies again to see "I, Tonya" Really enjoyed that as well. It's interesting to learn more about that whole story and get some more background info. Of course it's not all true but it's still interesting seeing a movie based on a true story and getting more of an idea about certain things. Went to see that at the theater in the Waterbury mall (same reason again, not playing at a convenient time at our local theater) and then had lunch at 121 in Oxford. Later at night we met up with John & Jana and their friend Nathan for a celebration dinner for Jana's promotion at work. It coincided with the Super Bowl but I am not a football fan and Mike didn't have a huge interest in this year's game either so it was fine. Plus they actually had a TV right above our table so we were able to look up and check the score etc. We also recorded it so if there's anything super exciting we want to go back to we can do that. 

Well, now it's Monday and another week upon us. A lot of meetings this week. Also have another orthodontist appointment on Wednesday. And Wednesday night we have our "Circle of Excellence" dinner at work. Of course Wednesday is also the day where they are forecasting snow. Ugh. I am so over winter and over snow. Let's hope the weather doesn't turn out too bad on Wednesday. The unstable weather is partly why we haven't planned any trips. Originally I had thought of taking a day or two off either this week or next week (our wedding anniversary is Feb. 10 and Mike's birthday is Feb. 18) but the weather has just been so unstable this winter we decided it might not be a good idea. So we will postpone it into March. Hopefully by then the weather will be a bit more stable again. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out to: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Eunice/Malta, Kimber/Canada and Carmen/Malta. 

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ah-choo ... laying low

PixlrUgh. The first part of this week passed by rather uneventful. Then on Wednesday I started to get a tickle in the back of my throat and was hoping that it wouldn't turn into more. Well Thursday it turned into a bad sore throat and a bit of a cough. Had a fever Thursday night and took some Nyquil, went to bed early and thought I had mostly slept it off. Luckily Friday I was working from home so that helped but I felt mostly ok. A bit sluggish but I thought I was over it. 

Saturday morning we had our vet appointment with Mindy. Getting her into the carrier is always a challenge to say the least. We were able to manage though and the appointment passed without too much of an issue. She has gained 3/4 of a pound. Guess I am not surprised. She is a massive cat and would love to eat just about anything in sight if you'd let her. So they said in order to avoid having her get diabetes we should consider putting her on some diet food. They gave me some samples and big surprise she's really not crazy about the food. Well, we will see what happens. I am also going to make sure she is not around any open food sources and restrict her intake more so hopefully doing all that will help. 

After the vet Mike and I went out to lunch and throughout lunch I started feeling kind of off again. Spent the late afternoon and evening at home sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Pretty sure I developed a low grade fever again too. So more Nyquil. This morning I was feeling ok-ish. Really wanted to go see the movie "The Post" so we went to see that. After that I came back home and been mainly spending my day drinking tea, reading an Agatha Christie book and just vegging out. I really hope I feel better by tomorrow. Ugh. 

So yeah that's about all the news here from my end. Just feeling sorry for myself. I would love to watch "The Grammy's" later tonight but not sure how late I will be able to stay up. May just end up in bed with more Nyquil again. Ugh. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out to: Tiffany/OK and Celia/MA. Received a letter/owe a reply to: Eunice/Malta, Kimber/Canada and Carmen/Malta. 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chevy Cruze & Book Launch

IMG_20180120_182320_552Happy Sunday everyone. This weekend is flying by way too fast and I am definitely not ready for Monday just yet but I guess luckily I still have the IMG_20180120_182559_748afternoon before the new work week starts again tomorrow. 

This past week was pretty busy in the sense that I had a couple of appointments (a dentist and doctor's appointment - for check ups) so that always means needing to fit everything in at work to be able to leave earlier and then catch up afterwards. At the dentist I was also told I have a small cavity so I'll need to go back in a few weeks. Ugh. I guess it's been a little while since I have had one. I also need to get my wisdom teeth out. I will try and get that done in the spring maybe. Preferably before the busy summer season at work and also in enough time to not interfere with my May Europe trip (still need to figure out all the details but I am supposed to go join my parents in Croatia again - still need to look at flights and figure out the exact timeline) So maybe I will aim for March, we'll see. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we had an appointment at a Chevy car dealership in East Hartford. We spent over 4 hours there (just took so freaking long) but at least we are now the proud owners of a 2017 Chevy Cruze LT. The car has about 6000 miles and we got a decent monthly rate so really can't complain. Just took forever. And we were also in a bit of a hurry because my friend's book launch was set for 5pm in Scaresdale, NY (about 2 hours away from East Hartford) We managed to wrap up at the dealership and drive to the Barnes and Noble and I got there with literally a few minutes to spare.  I am glad that I was able to make it and get there in time for her speaking/reading. Really nice event. Afterwards we drove back to Danbury (about 1 hr) and had a late dinner. After that I was pretty much done, long day.

So today we slept in a bit. Going to head to lunch in a little bit and I assume we will catch up on some TV shows later. Then I'll see what next week brings. On Friday I have an orthodontist appointment to get my braces checked. It's been a little over a month since I first got them put on. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out to: Eloine/NY. Received a letter/owe a reply to: Eunice/Malta, Celia/MA, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany/OK. 

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