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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Christmas in August ???

As I went through the mail today, guess what I saw ? A CHRISTMAS CATALOG !!! Can you believe it ? Can you believe companies have the nerve to send you a Christmas Catalog in August ? I just think that's crazy.
Don't get me wrong. I *LOVE* Christmas, I really do but I think you have to draw the line somewhere. I think it's bad enough that all the stores have Halloween displays in July but sending out a Christmas catalog in August is insane.
Here's the link to the company that sent the catalog. I have to admit they have some really nice stuff and I will probably save the catalog and look through it when it gets a little bit closer to Christmas. I am just totally bewildered by the idea that anybody would want to send out a Christmas catalog in August.
What do you all think ? :)

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I got my first christmas catalogue at the end of july/very begining of August - unbelievable! I have to admit to having skimmed through it..but i don't feel in a sufficiently christmassy mood to actually choose my christmas cards etc just yet!

Posted by: jo | Aug 22, 2004 7:32:41 AM

Thanks - I ordered the hard copy catalog. The stuff looks interesting, and I have already started a little Christmas shopping (large family, you know)

Posted by: cassie-b | Aug 22, 2004 11:52:45 AM

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