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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Autumn-y Mood

Autumn1 I am kind of in an autumn-y mood today. The weather has been really gorgeous this weekend. Brisk blue skies, breezy, not hot, not coldm just right. :) I had to work yesterday but am enjoying a nice day off today.

It's been a busy week and next week looks like it's going to be pretty busy as well. Tomorrow is Labor Day. I am still going to have to work but it's alright. I don't mind all that much really. There is a ton that I should be doing but somehow I haven't really accomplished much today. Wrote one letter ... my mail pile is growing and growing. Also been reading a lot. I am currently reading the "Three Sisters Island" trilogy by Nora Roberts. Really great books.

Mail Update: A letter is going out tomorrow to: Carmen/Germany. Received letters from/owe replies to: Eunice/Malta, Tizz/Denmark, Kirsty/UK (2), Charmaine/Malta, Sarah/Canada, Tiffany/OK, Nina/WA, Natalia/Poland, Michelle/Canada and Alex/Spain.

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There did seem to be a hint of Autumn over the weekend. Can't wait for the leaves to turn color. September/October is my favorite time of year!

Posted by: Sharon | Sep 4, 2007 8:42:47 AM

It's cool and sunny here. So nice!

Posted by: cassie-b | Sep 18, 2007 12:13:10 PM

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