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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas ! :)

So here's my Christmas post. I know it's a little overdue but what can I say ? The holidays always tend to be a busy time. I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas. Mine was very nice. :) We opened our gifts in the morning with Mike's sister and her two kids Shannon (17) and Erik (15). Santa was very good to me - as always. :) DVDs, books, a picture frame, Christmas tree ornaments, bath salts and a really pretty diamond-aquamarine pendant/necklace.

In the afternoon we went to Mike and Kristina's aunt's house where we had chips+dip, cheese+crackers and baked ziti along with wine, Bailey's and cookies for dessert. It was a really nice day.

I also took some pictures of her tree and fireplace so I could post them here for you guys. I would so love to have a fireplace. Wouldn't that be cozy ? :)

Work has been a little better since yesterday. Monday was really crazy but yesterday was fairly ok and today has been ok up until now. Let's hope it stays that way. I have 3 more days at work (today, tomorrow + Sat), then Sunday we are flying down to Florida (Ft. Lauderdale). My parents have been in Florida since Sunday and seem to be enjoying themselves very much. The weather looks really gorgeous, around 80 degrees, very summer-like. I hope it stays that way.

Mail update. No letters have gone out. :( Received letters from/still owe replies to: Tiffany/OK, Michelle/Canada, Alex/Germany, Alison/UK, Carmen/Malta, Caroline/Scotland and Jetta/Finland. Also still owe a re-write to Natalia/Poland.

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oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo... Santa's got taste!

Posted by: Sarah | Dec 27, 2007 10:09:46 AM

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