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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Walk across the Hudson, Ricky Gervais, etc.

Ricky_gervais Ok so today we are heading into the city to see Ricky Gervais. Should be fun. We are going to have dinner at a pub nearby beforehand.

On Sunday we ended up going for a nice walk (about 4 miles) in the Hudson Valley. You can look at the "Walkway over the Hudson" website here if you want. The weather was very non-May like, definitely a lot more like March. Very windy and chilly. It was still a fun walk though and nice to get out. After our walk we had dinner at the Gilded Otter brewpub where I had the best stuffed trout. It was stuffed with ham and manchego cheese topped with a spicy tomatillo salsa, paired with wild rice, grilled asparagus and squash. Ohhh sooo good. :) 

This weekend we are off to Atlanta. Will be nice to be away from work for a few days. It's always good to get out for a couple days and just recharge.

Short mail update for today. A letter is going out tomorrow to: Celia/MA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland and Nina/WA.

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