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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Having fun in the sun - Florida Update

HannaLast day already again. Time always moves way faster when you are on vacation it seems. But we still have all of today plus our flight tomorrow does not leave till around 3pm. So let's focus on two more days away from work. :)

Having a good time here despite the crazy heat and humidity. It's honestly been brutal with that but we are powering through. :) With the help of some fruity tropical cocktails, yummy food and air-condition when it's just not bearable outside anymore. 

Thursday we ate at Barnacle Bill's Seafood (recommended by our friend Kelly), then had some drinks at Patrick's. Friday we drove up to Tampa to go to the zoo there. Was a really nice zoo, big, good layout and nice animal-friendly exhibits. After the zoo we drove over to the Hard Rock Casino. That's where the crappiness of Tampa really stood out to me. Tampa is just such a hellhole of a city. Of course there are a few nice parts but most of it is just horrible. We drove along a street with nothing but pawn shops to get to the casino. Of course they normally expect you to get right off the highway to go there and not go the back way but it really brought out the true nature of the place.  Had a nice late lunch at the Hard Rock anyway. On our way back to Sarasota we drove through the worst never-ending thunderstorm ever. Just wow. After that finally ended we went into downtown Sarasota to have some light food (cheese, crackers, meats) at the Sarasota Vineyard bistro/winebar. 

Yesterday, Friday, we checked out some nature trails at the Myakka State Park. Then afterwards had lunch at the Old Salty Dog in Siesta Key. Made it there just in time before another massive thunderstorm rolled through. Luckily their patio was covered so we could have our lunch undisturbed by the rain. Had thought about going to the beach after lunch but after sitting outside for a few hours the humidty & heat was really getting to us. Stopped at the beach to take a few pictures but even at 4pm it was still so hot we really didn't want to deal with it. Instead headed back to the hotel  to freshen up. Then dinner at the Dry Dock on Longboat Key. Such a gem of a place. They have delicious seafood but also the best patio where you are so close to the water. Some pelicans, egrets and even a manatee joined us for dinner. Very fun. :)

Today, Saturday, we are off to Orlando to check out the Universal Studio City Walk & Hard Rock Cafe there. We figured being inside in the AC for a good part of the day might be nice after having spent most of yesterday outside in the heat & humidity. :)

Mail Update: Still need to mail my letters  to: Jessica/DE and Celia/MA. Received letters/still owe a response to: Caroline/Scotland. 

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Lots of eating then?!! :) my favourite thing to do...

Posted by: jo | Aug 11, 2013 12:29:11 PM

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