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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to outsmart a cat?

Ollie-August2013-2This is a quick post/update in regards to our cat Oliver. We brought him to the vet last Saturday for a check-up on his kidney issues since he is still losing weight. 

Monday the vet called me with the bloodwork results and unfortunately the news wasn't that great. His kidneys are definitely getting worse. He is still acting perfectly fine, eats, drinks, plays, purrs etc. so I am hopeful he will be ok for some time longer but really wish the results would have been different. 

We are continuing his meds as normal. Luckily he is happy to eat his pill inside a pill pocket treat each morning which is good. He is now also taking a 1/4 tablet of baby aspirin three days per week to help prevent clotting. 

The vet would also like to get a urine sample from him to rule out any kind of infection that could be contributing to his problems. They gave me some litter-type material that you can use where if he peed on it they could still test it. But of course he would not pee on it. I had him shut in the room with me from 5.30pm until 5.45am this morning and no luck. To be fair it's only a really small amount of material/litter in a box. I don't have more because the small amount was $14 so to get enough to fill an entire litter tray would be pricey. 

Seems like my only other option is to bring him to the vet to see if they can get a sample from him. They might have to keep him for the day if he doesn't need to go when I bring him in. I really don't want to put him in the car again after just having done that on Saturday. So I am still trying to decide how to trick him into peeing on the fake litter stuff they gave me. 

They also gave me a sample of some special food for him. I have tried to introduce the wet food, mixing it with some of his normal food. So far he did not finish his meal last night or this morning which makes me think he is not a big fan. I guess I'll see how he does with it going forward. They also gave me some dry food. I'll give him some of that and see if he likes that. 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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My cats out smart me far more often than i manage to out smart them.....

Posted by: Jo | Aug 23, 2013 5:27:13 PM

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