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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Croatian Adventures Part 2

Croatia_3So it's Tuesday already and I leave Europe next week Monday so less than a week to go. Croatia_2Time is flying as usual. We leave Croatia tomorrow already. It's been a bit of a turbulent stay here but making the best of it. Saturday after lunch we ended up in a minor accident on the way back into the resort. We are all fine, nobody hurt, but the car didn't fare quite as well. Damage on the driver's side, the hood, headlight, rim, etc. The car was sort of driveable but it was making all sorts of bad noises because the driver's door was shifted as well. So my dad ended up having the car towed. It was brought to a local garage and is now being transported back to Austria by OAMTC (the Austrian version of AAA) We will now receive a rental car that was also organized by OAMTC to drive back to Austria tomorrow. 

So it's been a few turbulent days. Getting things organized and set up. Also no car now so was only able to stay around the area which has worked out ok though because there are a few restaurants, bars as well as a small market in the area around the resort. So been making the best of it as much as possible. The weather has been beautiful. A lot of days up to 75F and even slightly more (23C) Yesterday it was only 70F (21C) and today a little less (around 18C) and a bit cloudy. But most of the time here the weather has been absolutely beautiful. So really no complaints. Especially compared to the way the weather was when I left Connecticut. 

Yesterday on the walk back from lunch we stopped by a street vendor who was selling local products. So I bought some acadia honey and infused oil (with rosemary, peppers and garlic). Always nice to have some local items to bring back. And especially nice considering that we weren't able to drive anywhere so I was happy that we came across that stand. Was also able to get some postcards at the mini market at the resort. Just no souvenirs (magnets or key chains or whatnot) to bring back for people. But oh well, that's ok. I can always pick up something in Vienna when I am there on Saturday. 

Alright I will close here for today. Will see how the rest of this trip develops. Fingers crossed. :)

Letter/Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany/OK. 

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