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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Vineyard Hopping

IMG_20180721_140143_811Humidity and tropical weather ... thunderstorms .. downpours ... all that and more for the next 10 days per the forecast. Ugh. So not in the mood for it. This past week was actually pretty decent. We had some storms pass through on Tuesday and after that it was actually really nice. No humidity, sunny and just really perfect. Well of course that was not meant to last.

Yesterday, Saturday, was actually not so bad yet. The weather was a bit unstable and cloudy but the rain didn't start until about 9-10pm. We made the best of the day and went east along the coast. Had lunch in Clinton at Chamard Vineyard. Always delicious and a fun place to hang out. I love their wine and the bistro has some of the best food. Wish it was closer but all in all it's not that far either. About an hour and a half away.

After Chamard we went further east and stopped at Stonington Vineyard. Traffic was a pain all day yesterday with highway closures and backups. Google Maps routed us all over the place (what did we ever do before GPS?) but we eventually got to where we wanted to be. Did some wine tasting and then hung out with some glasses of wine just people watching for a while. Definitely entertaining. 

Today the humidity has sky rocketed and the weather has been super unstable with random downpours. Mike got the car serviced and an oil change while I ran some errands and hung out at Starbucks waiting for the car to be ready. Then had lunch at 121 in Oxford and now just hanging out. Not ready for it to be Monday again tomorrow. Ugh. Lots of things coming up at work in the near future, covering for people who will be on vacation. Busy, busy. 

Thursday I had a dentist appointment and as usual that wasn't too enjoyable. Now with my braces they want me to come in for 3-month cleanings instead of every 6 months. Also gave me a prescription for a special toothpaste and urged me yet again to get my wisdom teeth out because they are causing major inflammation and issues with my gums. Oh the joy. I guess I will need to get on with it sooner or later and just get it done. Really don't want to but I don't think it will be avoidable for too much longer. We shall see.

In more fun news on Tuesday we have tickets to see Panic at the Disco at Madison Square Garden in New York so that should be fun. Just need to figure out when we need to leave work and if we will drive where to park. Guess we have tomorrow to figure it out. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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