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Monday, August 20, 2018

Outlander Convention Weekend

Pixlr (1)And somehow it is Monday again. Where does the time go? Today it is quite a bit cooler though and the humidity seems to have finally broken for right now. It's cloudy and I think there is still a chance of showers (rain, so much rain lately) Such weird weather this summer. 

Saturday I went to New Jersey for the Outlander convention. Originally I was supposed to go with a friend but she ended up not being able to go (so sorry about your dog Falguni -- sending you lots of hugs!!) so I made the trek out to NJ by myself. It was a good although long day. Left on the train at 8.11 am and didn't get back home till after 11pm. The convention was fun even though they didn't have a lot of merchandise. Decorations also weren't all that great but they had some neat large posters where you could take pictures. Saw a bunch of the actors up close. The two main actors, Caitrona and Sam, had to cancel relatively last minute due to conflicting filming schedules but they did Skype them in for Q&A so that was nice. It was fun seeing the actors in person. I didn't spend any extra money for autograph or photo ops but it was still neat being amidst it all and just taking it all in. Met a new friend (on the bus from NY to NJ) and we hung out for the day which made the whole thing more enjoyable as well, not having to spend the whole day alone. So yeah, all in all I'd say it was a good experience. 

Sunday I slept in late which felt glorious. Then we had brunch at the Barndoor and later met up with our friends Cait and Patrick. And finished out the day by catching up on some more TV shows. And somehow it is Monday again. Another week to get through. Nothing really planned for this week or the upcoming weekend. We will see what the weather brings and go from there I suppose. Right now I would be happy to go back to bed. Kind of a gloomy morning, would be great sleeping weather. Oh well. 

  Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Laura/Spain. 

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