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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Austria & London

IMG_20190322_200954_182And here I am sitting at the airport at Gatwick airport in London already waiting for our flight back to New York. As IMG_20190323_190600_206usual everything went by way too fast but then isn't that how things always go? 

Anyway, let's see if I can recap the most important things. I will turn this into 2 posts just to make it a little easier. 

So Tuesday last week (a week ago from today) was the funeral. As far as these things go it was a nice event and the pastor did a very good job. It was heartfelt but not unnecessarily drawn out. Afterwards our family went for come drinks and pastries at a close by restaurant. Was nice to see a lot of family and friends, some I hadn't seen in some time. Also went to the house and looked at old photo albums. There were some pictures of Uncle Karl when he was barely 18 and in the army. He looked so young. Crazy. 

The rest of my time in Austria was pretty quiet. Went for lunch with my parents, went to the store to buy some goodies and just spent time with them in general. Then Friday I was already off to London. I was catching a morning flight and as I was taking a shuttle transport that was picking up some other people had to leave at 1.40am. Getting up at 1am was no fun. But made it to the airport ok, checked in and got to Heathrow even a little early. Mike's flight from NY was about 1/2 hour delayed which was fine because it gave me enough time to make it to terminal 5 and have a bite to eat and some tea at Costa before Mike getting there. 

Made it to our hotel ok (Holiday Inn Whitechapel) and eventually headed back out to explore some of London. We walked along the river for a while, taking pictures of all the sights and also had lunch at a Weatherspoon's. Had a nice afternoon even though the weather was a bit gloomy. Then hung out at the hotel bar for a bit before calling it a night. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA, Kimber/Canada, Nina/WA and Tiffany/OK. 

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