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Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Weekend, Broadway and more

IMG_20190511_124138_135Another Monday. And brrr it's cold this morning, not like May at all. I actually turned the heat on for a bit. When I woke up it was only 40F/4C outside but they said it felt like it was in the 30ies. And the high is only supposed to be 47F/8C today plus it's going to rain. So it's going to be a wet cold Monday. Ugh. The weather yesterday, Sunday (Mother's Day), was not a whole lot better honestly. When I talked to my mom in Austria she said that the weather in Austria was similar at the moment. What the hell. Seems like the weather all over the world is going mad. I mean I know why, climate change and all that, but ugh. 

Anyway, Saturday was at least a decent day. It was mainly sunny and in the mid to high 60iesF/18C. So a really nice day. We were in NYC on Saturday as we had tickets for "Beetlejuice" on Broadway. Before the show we had brunch at a place called Lillie's. What a neat find. It was just a few blocks from the Wintergarden Theater right in the middle of midtown, an area that is usually full of generic Irish pubs, lots of tourists and nothing good. So it was really nice to find that place. We had a delicious brunch there and hung out before the show. The musical was a lot of fun and would definitely recommend it. After the show we headed to the Yardhouse in Yonkers. Holy crap, that place was packed. We were able to snag two seats at the bar but it was just so crowded in there. I guess not all that surprising being Saturday night and Mother's Day weekend on top of that. Anyway we ordered some snacks and had a few drinks and then decided to move on and had a couple more glasses of wine near home at Two Steps in Danbury. Much quieter there, even though they were pretty busy too for their standards with a party and some other stuff. 

And well now it's Monday and another week ahead. Last week was busy at work but somehow made it through. Let's see what this week brings? We have a new person starting today and her mentor won't be there for the first few days so we need to make sure that we keep her occupied. :) I am also covering so definitely shouldn't be bored. The week after this week is going to be a similar situation with vacation coverage and an intern starting so yeah time should be flying by. Oh I am also starting on a new account this week at work. Yeah, like I said. Shouldn't be a dull moment to be had. :)

Letter/Mail Update:  A letter will be going out to Eunice/Malta. 

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