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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday already? Quick weekend recap

IMG_20190615_203858_405Alright it's Tuesday morning. Somehow I totally spaced and never made a post yesterday. I used to always post on Sundays and nowadays it seems to be mostly Monday mornings. Oh well. I guess one day won't make a huge difference. 

The weather is a bit dreary this morning. Going to be raining on and off for most of rest of the week I think. It's also weirdly humid. Not really enjoyable. But oh well. On the weekend we at least had nice weather on Saturday so that was good. We decided to go on a hike in Lover's Leap state park in New Milford, CT. We had never been there before so it was fun to check it out. The park still showed a lot of damage from the bad storm a year ago but all in all it was an enjoyable time with some nice views. 

After our hike we headed to the Marketplace Tavern in Litchfield for lunch followed by a stop at Miranda Vineyard where we ran into Melissa from work. I knew she worked there on the weekends but didn't know what days or if it was every weekend so it was a nice surprise. 

Then yesterday, Sunday, the weather turned much more humid and unstable with rain on and off throughout the day. So we decided to go to the movies and saw "The Dead Don't Die". A typical Bill Murray movie really. It wasn't my favorite but Mike really wanted to see it and I didn't hate it. It did have some amusing moments. And there was a lot of commentary on the current state of the world, climate change etc. in the background. 

Alright, that's about all the news here from my end. Work is crazy nuts for me right now. I am not even entirely sure why. Well, it is summer and peak season which always makes things more challenging I suppose. I also was added to a new client a few weeks ago and am still trying to figure out all the nuances on that as well as battling with transition files. Yeah, it is what it is. I guess I'll get through it even though right now I am kind of wishing the summer away which is also sort of sad. Considering how much I hate winter. lol. 

Oh well. Enough babbling. Better get ready and face another day. This weekend we have tickets to see "Kiss Me Kate" on Broadway and dinner reservations at Osteria al Doge in NYC. Cannot wait. Should be a good Saturday. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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