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Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_20200525_172708_558Happy Memorial Day everyone here in the US! It's the unofficial start to the summer here in the US. Originally we should have been in the Finger Lakes for the weekend as we had a reservation for a stay there which had to be cancelled. 

It's a bit of a weird one this year with everything going on. But now that we have outdoor dining opened back up in CT you can almost pretend that things are going back to normal. Our restaurants opened back up this past Wednesday (May 20th) - outdoor dining only. We weren't going to go right away but did give in on Thursday and had dinner at Rosy Tomorrow's. They are following all of the safety measures and it was nice to be out and about again and be able to talk to some of the people we normally would see much more often. 

Saturday was rainy and cool so we just ran some errands, went to the grocery store and put one of the dressers that we had bought together. Still need to do the second one. Those things are always a pain cause they come in a million pieces. Anyway, Sunday we went to Hopkins Vineyard near Lake Waramaug and sat outside, enjoying a bottle of wine. Beautiful weather. Afterwards we met up with our friend Tyler from Two Steps. Normally we would see him at least once a week as he bartends at Two Steps but since they closed for the quarantine we hadn't seen him. So it was great to hang out and catch up. Two Steps hasn't opened yet and probably won't for a little while until things are more back to normal. 

Today, Monday - Memorial Day, we slept in and then headed to Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown, CT. They also opened up for outdoor seating to enjoy their wine plus they also have food available. We had their buffalo chicken dip as well as jumbo shrimp stackers (jumbo shrimp, cucumber, tomato & mozzarella with a curry/chipotle sauce) When we were done there we headed back to Danbury and decided to stop at Marketplace to finish off the day. I had their blackened tuna tacos with a salad and some delicious passonfruit sangria.  Now I am really full.

In a bit we will probably continue binging "Hollywood" on Netflix. We started watching that yesterday and really enjoyed it. We also finished "Dickinson" on Apple TV Plus which was really good. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday and my last week of furlough begins for me. Back to work a week from today - June 1st. It's been such a weird time. I have gotten some stuff done but honestly I don't even know where the time has gone. My Hello Fresh delivery was damaged last week so that never arrived. So hopefully my box gets here this week so I can try their recipes.  

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada and Nina/WA. A letter went out on Thursday to Celia/MA.

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