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Monday, July 13, 2020

Wedding Anniversary Weekend

IMG_20200712_141247_969Happy Monday. ugh. Haha. Just never been a fan of Mondays. The weekends always seem to go by way too fast. But hey what can you do? We did have a good weekend. Yesterday, July 12th, was our wedding anniversary. Well our American wedding anniversary anyway. We have a weird situation where we have two. We technically got married on February 10th, 2001 in Austria. But that was a smaller ceremony at the local courthouse with mostly Austrian family. We then had a bigger wedding in the US with the whole shebang (white dress, big cake, dancing, DJ, cocktail hour, first dance, speeches, you know all that stuff) and that one was on July 12, 2002. So now we have two wedding anniversaries to celebrate. Hey, worse problems to have, right? :) 

So as it fell on a Sunday this year we went to the Hopkins Inn at Lake Waramaug. We tend to go there once a year during the summer, usually around our anniversary, if possible. Always fun to sit outside overlooking the lake, enjoying some delicious Austrian food and wine. This year was a bit more surreal with less tables on the terrace/patio and everyone wearing masks due to COVID. But we still managed to go and enjoy a lovely leisurely lunch so it's fine. All worked out. 

Last night we also watched "Hamilton" on Disney +. Of course we enjoyed it. I really hope we can see it on Broadway one of these days. We have been wanting to but the tickets were still so expensive and hard to come by for decent weekend seats. Well, maybe one day. Once this COVID mess blows over. Whenever that may be. 

I really am worried about this country. Connecticut has been doing very well, thankfully. But it does worry me, because everywhere else it seems to be spiking. And there are a lot of people in Florida who have second homes in the Northeast and also crazy people in the Northeast who think nothing of going on a beach vacation or to Disney (WTH is Disney open again by the way?!?) during a pandemic. So it worries me that it may start to spike again in CT too, because of that. But I guess we just have to wait and see how it plays out. Nothing else to be done. We do our part, wear our masks when out in public, wash our hands frequently, carry hand sanitizer in my purse, avoid crowds. All we can do. 

Well anyway, that's about all I suppose. Saturday we slept in and then went to brunch at J. Lawrence which was delicious of course. And then stopped at Centrico for a bit to see our friend Cait. Always nice to catch up a bit. Rest of the week was fairly uneventful.

Oh, Mindy. I haven't written about our cat Mindy. That has been one thing that has been troubling me. It all started when we came back from our Finger Lakes trip last week Sunday. Well it started while we were away really. She was acting strange according to my sis-in-law Kristina who was watching her. We thought she hurt her leg cause she was limping and having trouble jumping. But then it became more obvious it was something else. I ended up bringing her to the emergency vet a few towns over on Sunday night and they had to express her anal glands which were both super full apparently. They weren't really worried about her otherwise and said that should put her back to normal. It's been a week now and to be fair she definitely is acting more herself again, is playing a bit, being affectionate, eating, drinking but she is still not back a 100%. She is still having litter box issues, licking her butt a lot, peeing on herself occasionally, going outside the litter box, etc. So something is still not really right. I was hoping this would solve itself over time so I could avoid taking her back to the vet but I am guessing we probably will need to take her this week. Ugh. But what can you do? 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA and Kimber/Canada. 

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