Monday, August 19, 2019

Low Key Weekend

FB_IMG_1537840311909Yup it's Monday again. Kind of dragging this morning but then I guess that's about normal on a Monday. Honestly Monday is my least favorite day of the week. Also going to be really hot again today. There's a heat advisory for our area. I guess at least I'll be at work inside with air conditioning so it could be worse. It's supposed to be hot for the next few days before it cools down again. I guess all in all I shouldn't complain. Before we know it the weather will turn and it will get cold. I do look forward to fall but it's a season that just never seem to last very long. Where winter seems to last forever.  Oh well. Can't do much about the weather. 

Let's see, what else? Had a pretty low key weekend all in all. Saturday we went to the movies to see "Blinded by the Light" which was really good. A British independent film centered around a Pakistani teen growing up in the 80ies in Luton, England who discovers a love for the music of Bruce Springsteen. I'd definitely recommend the movie. It's inspired by a true story and was definitely a fun watch. After the movies we went for lunch in Oxford at 121. And later caught up on some TV. On Sunday we slept in which was nice and then went for lunch at Rosy's. They still have the Seafood Fest going on and Mike's a big fan of their crab leg special so we always have to go a few times every summer so he can get the crab legs. Hung out for a while and eventually left to run some errands and then to head home to catch up on more TV. We finished watching "Another Life" and then started on the latest season of "Designated Survivor". The latest season is only 10 episodes. It used to be on ABC but was cancelled and then picked up by Netflix. Sort of the same thing that happened to "Lucifer". We did already watch all the Lucifer episodes. I like the concept of Netflix and the various streaming services where you can binge watch a show after it gets released but it also makes the wait in between seasons so much longer. Oh well, is what it is I suppose. 

Alright, not much else going on at the moment. Another week ahead. I have a feeling it's going to be very busy for the remaining August weeks at work. It will probably get somewhat better after Labor Day. Well, just need to hang in there and I guess it will be here before we know it. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Boston Weekend

IMG_20190811_100113_747And it's Monday again. My standard opening for 90% of my blog posts I think. Last week dragged, was busy but otherwise uneventful. But the IMG_20190811_111021_116weekend was a lot of fun. :) 

Saturday morning we left Danbury around 8.30 am and headed up to Boston. Our hotel was in the Seaport district and was quite the unique experience. We stayed at a Yotel. Here's how they describe it on their website "Old England meets New England – and any tea parties will be of the entirely social sort! Inspired by Japan, defined by a Brit, YOTEL delivers ergonomically designed rooms, that optimize the available space, and make smart use of technology to save you time and money" The room was truly tiny but had everything we needed. The bed was super comfortable and the whole experience felt very futuristic. lol. Valet parking at the hotel would have been $50 (no thank you) so we parked at a nearby garage where they had a $5 weekend special so we paid just $10 for parking. Much better. 

After dropping off our bags at the hotel we walked over the bridge to the harbor area near the aquarium. Had lunch at the Legal Seafoods there. Delicious as always. After hanging out at the Legal Seafoods we intended to go to the aquarium but there was a super long line, mostly filled with families with kids in strollers. Again, no thank you. So we decided against that idea (plus admission was $31 per person - yikes) and instead walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe near Quincy Market. Looked at some shops and then had a couple of drinks at the Hard Rock. 

Afterwards we meandered our way back to the hotel via the Harborwalk which goes along the water and made for a nice walk. Stopped at the hotel for a bit to freshen up and then headed back out. The plan was to go to the Legal Seafoods in Harborside. It's a 3 story building and each floor offers a different experience. I had looked this up online and the 3rd floor looked really nice. Rooftop bar offering a limited menu with small plates and sushi. It looked like a fun place to hang out enjoying the views. Well it seemed like a good idea until we discovered they turn it into a sort of club type place with bouncers and a rope and a wait in line. We did stand in line and made our way up there but ended up not staying. Really not our scene. Too bad because the views were super pretty. Oh well. Instead we headed back downstairs and went across the street to the Legal Test Kitchen. (yes there are a bunch of Legal Seafood restaurants in Boston and the surrounding areas) Had a light dinner there and some wine before heading back to the hotel. 

Sunday we slept in which was nice. Then checked out around 10.30 and brought our bags to the car in the garage. Stopped at a neat coffee shop called Caffe Nero. Apparently an UK chain that also exists here in the US, just not in our area where we live.  Hung out there for a bit before having brunch at the Trillium Brewery. They also have a rooftop bar so we headed up there to start with but as they had no umbrellas or shade up there it was just too hot. We had a drink up there and then headed back downstairs  to eat. Delicious. Hung out for a while before eventually having to leave to had back to CT. Traffic was annoying but then nothing much else could be expected coming back on a Sunday late afternoon I suppose. We eventually made it back a little after 6pm so really not too bad. Met up with our friend John and hung out for a while. 

And well here we are. It's Monday again. Let's see what this week brings at work. Not sure I am ready for another week but ready or not it will have to be ok. Can't believe we have already made it into the middle of August. Crazy. 

Letter/Mail Update:  A letter is going out today to Lotte/Denmark. 

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Hopkins Inn, Hawk Ridge Winery and more

IMG_20190806_071308_635Alright Tuesday morning. A little behind this week it seems. I have been pretty good about writing my weekly posts on either Sunday or lately Monday IMG_20190806_071043_821 but somehow didn't happen this week so here I am, Tuesday morning, instead. Alright, let's see. Well, it's August. I know that's very cliche but it's always a turning point of sorts to me when one month changes to the next. I really don't want to be wishing summer away because there are things I truly do enjoy about the summer. I like being able to sit outside for lunch/dinner, linger outside at wineries or other places, people watch, all relaxed. Being able to go for walks, the pretty scenery, blooming flowers, etc. 

What I don't like about summer is the crazy business at work. Plus the crazy heat and humidity. It hasn't been all that bad with the heat and humidity this summer. I mean we have definitely had it but I think it was worse last summer. But we still have most of August to go so who knows. Work has definitely been crazy. I do feel like this summer has been worse than the last 2 I experienced. But who knows. It could just be a combination of different factors as well. 

Anyway, last weekend was nice. Saturday we went to Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown, CT. Completely accidental Google find. They have only been open for about 2 years but seemed really busy when we were there. Beautiful deck and grounds, a full food menu (we didn't eat this time but definitely worth coming back for) and good wine. Hung out for about an hour before moving on to 121 in Oxford for lunch. 

Sunday we went to the Hopkins Inn. Pretty much a yearly ritual to go there once every summer. It's always great to have a delicious leisurely lunch sitting outside overlooking the lake. They have an Austrian chef so I always end up getting Schnitzel or something along those lines. We shared escargot for the appetizer and I had the Toblerone Sundae for dessert while Mike got the mint parfait. Plus some Earl Grey tea and we shared a bottle of Gruener Veltliner. All super delicious. It's also pricey so it's a special once a year spot for us. Really amazing though. 

Well, now we are back in the work week and just trying to make it through the week. This upcoming weekend we are heading to Boston (for 1 night, Saturday-Sunday) so I am looking forward to that. The one thing I can't really complain about this summer is that even though we haven't taken any real vacations we have been able to sprinkle mini getaways and fun outings in throughout the summer to keep things interesting. 

Oh, I probably didn't even mention it yet. But I'll also be going back to Austria at the very end of Sept into early Oct. Just for a week to visit with my parents.  

Letter/Mail Update:  Owe a reply/received a letter from Lotte/Denmark. 

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Pizza, Beer & History - NYC - Walking Tour Weekend

IMG_20190729_070904_426And it's Monday again. I really dislike Mondays. But what can you do? 

We did have a nice weekend. On Saturday we went to NYC for the "Pizza, Beer and History Tour". We took the train down and stopped at Blue Haven for a bit as the tour didn't start until 3pm. We ordered chicken tenders which turned out to be a huge portion. Honestly we should have skipped the food because they fed you quite a bit of pizza on the tour. I was so full afterwards. Our first stop was Artichoke Pizza and that was honestly quite unique. We had their traditional artichoke slice and it was super creamy and filling. I am not even usually a big fan of artichokes but this was really good. Just super filling. Our second stop was Joe's Pizza. I thought it was pretty good, your typical NYC cheese pizza by the slice. Mike was underwhelmed with it but I thought it was decent enough. After that we stopped at the Blind Tiger for a beer. And from there moved on to Bleeker Street Pizza and had their "Nonna Maria" slice which was pretty delicious. The tour ended near the Stonewall Inn and we had another beer at Kettle of Fish. Lots of neat history tid bits and facts thrown in between all the food and beer stops as well. Definitely a fun experience and the other people on the tour were fun as well. There were 6 of us so it wasn't a huge group which made it easier/better probably. Funny thing is that the other people all lived in NYC. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to the movies to see the new Tarantino movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Would definitely recommend the movie. It was a typical Tarantino movie in a lot of ways and in a lot of ways it also wasn't. But if you enjoy that era of Hollywood it's a great movie to see even just for the visuals and the cinematography. Of course there was violence but then that's just Tarantino. I won't write too much else about it to avoid given away any spoilers. But either way, go see the movie if you are a Tarantino fan and have enjoyed his other movies. I'd definitely recommend it. The funny thing is Tarantino is something that has kind of grown on me having lived here for this many years. I remember when I first lived in CA in 98-99 my ex boyfriend tried to get me to watch "Pulp Fiction" and I was absolutely horrified by it. I think I will need to revisit that movie again to see if I'd actually enjoy it now, after having seen a bunch of his newer films. 

So yeah, that sums up our weekend. Another week ahead now. Just a few more days left in July. This summer seems to be zipping by. It's a bittersweet thing for me. Because part of me is definitely longing for summer to be over/have the crazy busy season at work behind us. And I really enjoy fall. I love the crisp blue skies, the slightly cooler weather, the leaves changing colors. But at the same time that also signals that winter is ahead and oh god how do I hate winter. I feel the past few winters have just been endless too. We haven't had much of a spring these past years, pretty much moving from winter straight into summer. Ugh. 

Alright enough complaining. Better get ready for work. :) 

Letter/Mail Update:  Owe a reply/received a letter from Lotte/Denmark. 

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

HEATWAVE weekend

SnoopyA rare Sunday update. :) I have a little bit of time so I figured it would be good to get my weekly update in. Slept till about 10 even though it's super hot. Then sat on the couch for a while reading which was an enjoyable way to start the morning. Eventually decided to start up the computer to get my post in. :) 

The week has been ok. Busy at work as usual but I guess that's really to be expected at this time of the year. We are also experiencing a really annoying heatwave at the moment but crazy high temps and humidity. Heat warnings in effect. Real feel temps of 110F (43C). It's definitely not good weather to be outdoors. So yesterday, Saturday, we went to the movies in the morning and saw "Stuber". It was entertaining and funny. Definitely not an Oscar type movie but funny enough and a good way to get out of the heat and into the AC for a while. Afterwards we went for lunch at 121 in Oxford. And later stopped into Two Steps for a couple glasses of wine before heading home. Caught up on some recorded shows. It was still really hot after the sun went down but with all the fans blasting on high it was tolerable more or less. 

Today we don't have a lot of plans either really. Laying low this weekend with the heat. Plus last weekend we were busy on the North Fork so it's good to have a quiet weekend to balance things out. Slept in this morning, now just relaxing, reading, updating my blog. Then we will head to Rosy's for lunch in a bit. Every summer they have their Seafood Fest specials and Mike really enjoys the crab legs. I'll probably get a salad, they do have a few pretty delicious ones. So that's the plan for the near future. We'll see what we end up doing after that. Also need to run a few errands, pick up groceries and eventually are going to watch some more recorded shows probably. So all in all a relaxing day ahead. 

In other news, booked 2 nights in Philly over Labor Day weekend. Going to finally see Megan and Jonathan who moved there a while ago. So that should be fun. We also have 1 night in Boston coming up in August. And next weekend we have the "Pizza, Beer and History Tour" in NYC. So keeping busy. :)

Letter/Mail Update:  A letter went out last Tuesday to Celia/MA. 

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Monday, July 15, 2019

North Fork Anniversary Weekend

IMG_20190714_093713_667And Monday morning again. :( I am especially sluggish this morning. It was a great weekend but definitely busy. A lot of sun (and some sunburn) & a lot of wine. :) We had a great weekend though, really no complaints. Just wish I had an extra day to just relax now. Wouldn't that be nice? 

Anyway, last week was busy at work. Basically no different than it has been. Then Saturday morning we left Danbury in the morning with the goal to get to Paumanok Vineyards right around 11. Traffic was a real nightmare though and instead of the 2 hours it should have taken it took us almost 3 to get there. So we didn't get to the vineyard till close to 12. Still made a stop and had a glass of wine on the deck. They have a really nice rustic deck where you can sit outside and look out at the vines. When we were done there we headed to lunch at A Lure in Southold. Such a pretty place right next to the marina. And the food is absolutely delicious. We had been there one time before and it was fun to be back. They are only open seasonally so it's not a place we can generally go if we come in the total off season. Anyway, was fun to have lunch by the water even though I am pretty sure that's where Mike and I got our sunburn. We didn't think it through and didn't put on sunscreen. And of course spending that much time outside, even though we were in the shade most of the time, took its toll. 

After lunch we continued on and went to Kontakoska Winery. Another beautiful spot. The vineyard has a huge backyard/lawn that reaches the ocean so you can take your wine and sit near the ocean. Very pretty. From there we headed to Osprey's Dominion. We have been there quite a few times but often we come in the off-season and early in the day so it's usually very quiet. This time it was super busy. So many people. They had live music, a food truck, corn hole and big Jenga games and people everywhere, hanging out, playing games, drinking wine. We got a bottle of wine and a cheese/salami/cracker platter and people watched for a while. It's always interesting doing that. Especially during the busy season. You see all sorts of interesting people. From there we headed to Macari. They were getting ready for an event so we only got a glass of wine as they were getting ready to shut down for the general public.

From there we headed to our hotel. It being the high season we had to stay a bit farther out than we usually do. The past few times we stayed at the Indigo but that was going for $400/night and no way am I paying that. So instead we stayed at the Clarion near McArthur airport. Definitely not a great place but it was fine for what we needed. The room was fine, the general public areas where pretty awful. But again, we really just needed a place to sleep. It was about a 40 min. ride from there to the wineries so not so terrible. We ended up hanging out at a place called Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. It was fine and probably better than the hotel bar. 

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at the airport diner which was just down the road. Had some breakfast there and then headed back out for some more wine. First stop was Clovis Point. We got there just a little after 11 and it was still very quiet. We got a glass and sat outside under the covered porch. Nobody else around so it was really peaceful. From there we headed back over to Macari since we wanted to spend some more time there after our visit having been cut short the previous day. Got a bottle of rose and sat outside on the lawn under the umbrellas. There was a breeze which made it actually very nice and not too oppressive with the heat. We had a lot of fun just hanging out so in the end we decided to get a second bottle and also took advantage of the pizza truck that was parked there. OMG -- they had the most delicious Neapolitan style pizza. So good!! I am seriously upset that we can't have more of this pizza any time soon. So good. 

Anyway when we were done at Macari we headed to our final stop at Coffeepot Cellars. We discovered that place a few years ago and always come back when we are on the North Fork now. It's run by the sweetest people and they also have an adorable pug called Beasley. They are also very invested in issues like the monarch butterflies and bees. Just an all around neat and feel good type of place. We hung out with Beasley for a while before eventually making our way back to CT. Traffic unfortunately was just as annoying on the way back so we didn't get back to CT till after 8pm. Oh well. 

And here we are. It's Monday again. And I need to get ready for work. Not sure I am ready for another work week ahead but what can you do? Work hard, play hard. :)

Letter/Mail Update:  Wrote a letter -- just need to put it together and get it in the mail: Celia/MA. 

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Monday, July 08, 2019

Fourth of July, Women's Soccer and more

PixlrUgh and it's Monday again and somehow today is really hitting me hard. I didn't really have an extra long weekend so I can't blame that. I did have Thursday off for the 4th but then did go into work on Friday. Always a little weird having a day off in the middle of the week. Of course not complaining about that but it just makes the course of the week feel a little off. It was a busy week which was to be expected. And I have a feeling today is going to be an equally busy day. A lot of people did have Friday off so I think a lot of it is going to be dealing with left over issues and problems. I am also still covering for someone on vacation. Well oh well, will get through this too. 

So let's see. To recap. Thursday we didn't really do much. We slept in and then went to lunch in Fairfield at Flipside. Always a fun place to go and they are one of those places that's open for most holidays so it's always a good place to head when a lot of other restaurants/bars are closed. Watched some more 'Stranger Things' later in the day. We hadn't seen season 2 yet so we wanted to catch up in order to watch season 3 which was releasing on July 4th. 

Friday was a regular work day. And the weekend all in all was pretty low key. Saturday was really muggy with thunderstorms throughout the day. So we went to the movies in the morning and saw the new Spiderman movie. Was a fun film and honestly I never really used to be into these super hero movies but they have started to grow on me. Had lunch in Oxford and later met up with our friends John and Jana for a bit before heading home and watching more "Stranger Things". 

Sunday we headed to TKs to watch the Women's World Soccer Cup, US vs. the Netherlands. TKs has turned itself into a soccer bar which is kind of neat. When I first moved here it was just your standard sports/wings bar but it now has a real focus on soccer. Anyway, the US won which was of course enjoyable. After the match we headed over to Rosy's where we met John again for a bit before going home and binge watching the rest of 'Stranger Things'. We are all caught up now. I won't write anything about it as I don't want to spoil anything. But really, if you have enjoyed the first two seasons then go binge the third. And I already can't wait for the fourth even though I can only imagine it's going to be a while before it comes out. 

Alright, that's all I have for now. Better get ready and face this Monday. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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Monday, July 01, 2019

Hello July

IMG_20190630_123049_742And here we are, at the start of the holiday week. July 1st already. We have Independence Day on Thursday this week (July 4). A lot of people in our company have requested July 5th off as a vacation day which I suppose is a pretty smart thing. I ended up not doing it, as much as it would have been nice to have some extra days off. We didn't have any plans and Mike also has to work on the 5th so I didn't think there really was a point. Oh well. I will enjoy having Thursday off even though it will be a bit of a weird break in the week. But not complaining. Just three days to get through for now, then a day off and then it's already Friday again. 

Well let's see how the week goes. It's been pretty busy in June. Let's see how it goes, now that we are officially in July. Summer is our busy season in relocation which is complete opposite from my old job I used to have at the dairy. There summer was our slowest season due to schools being out. Pretty much the same reason we are busy in relocation. :) Everyone wants to move while the kids are out of school. 

Anyway, enough about all that. Let's see, what else is new? The weekend was pretty decent. The weather was a bit unstable but not too terrible. On Saturday it was more humid so we decided to go to the movies and watched "Yesterday". I would very much recommend it. It is not going to win any awards but it was a fun, mostly lighthearted movie. A romantic comedy at heart. With a lot of Beatles music. If you enjoyed "Notting Hill", "Four Weddings and a Funeral", "Love Actually" etc. and like the Beatles music I would strongly recommend it. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to do something outdoors even though the weather was still quite unstable. We manged to get our 3 mile walk in before the thunderstorms rolled in so it worked out. Went to "The Walkway over the Hudson" which is always fun. It was so windy though and they also had some sort of bicycle race/run going on so pedestrians had to stay to the sides of the bridge. The bridge is quite tall and considering I am super afraid of heights that wasn't too great for me. We have been there before and it usually doesn't bother me as we can walk in the middle of the bridge. But having to be on the edge combined with the crazy wind made for an interesting experience. At least on the way back across the bridge the wind had died down a bit so the walk back wasn't quite as crazy. 

After our walk we went for lunch at Hurricane Grill in Poughkeepsie and eventually headed home to catch up on some Netflix and DVR shows. We started watching season 2 of "Stranger Things" since season 3 is about to be released. Been meaning to watch it for a while but just didn't get to it yet. But of course now that we are watching it is sucking me in again, wanting to continue to see where it goes. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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Monday, June 24, 2019

"Kiss Me Kate" - NYC Saturday

IMG_20190622_231521_035And Monday morning again. Ugh. Somebody recently told me that Monday is their favorite day of the week, because it's a fresh start/clean slate, a whole new week ahead. I understand the sentiment behind it but not sure I can feel the same way. Not sure what my favorite day is. I think my favorite time/day is Friday around 6pm when the work week has ended and the weekend is just about to begin. Yeah, if I had to pick I think that's it. Otherwise Saturday. Because it's the first weekend day and it's a full day and I can still sleep in the next day. 

This Saturday we had a fun day in NYC. Went to see "Kiss Me Kate" on Broadway and then had dinner reservations at Osteria al Doge. Before the show we also stopped at Lilie's again which was a lot of fun. We discovered that place last time when we saw Beetlejuice on Broadway. Such a cool find for midtown. Usually the bars in midtown are all kind of generic and not that great. This is unique and the food is really good too. This time we only had chicken fingers (didn't want to ruin our appetite since we were heading to dinner after the show) But even the chicken fingers were pretty delicious. Will definitely need to go back again. We will also need to check out their other location downtown some time. 

Oh speaking of downtown. Just booked Mike's Christmas gift from last Christmas. I had gotten him a Pizza, Beer & History walking tour in Greenwich Village in NYC. So we are doing that in a few weeks, July 27th. Looking forward to that. We have done music & artist related walking tours in the city before and this one also incorporates food and drinks so what's not to love. lol. Still a month away but I am sure we will have fun. 

Before that we also get to head back out to the North Fork July 13-14 (Sat/Sun) Our American wedding anniversary is July 12 so we centered it around that date. Always fun heading out to the North Fork doing some wine tasting and hanging out. Last time we were out there in February. It's much more low key during off season so we will see what this will bring going out there in the middle of the summer. I don't know if we have ever been out there on a summer weekend. I think one year we went to Montauk but that's so long ago and honestly can't remember when exactly it was. We will have to head out there again some time too. Lately we have been more focused on the North Fork but the South Fork with the Hamptons does of course have some pretty spots too. And Montauk is definitely worth a re-visit. 

Alright, I better get ready for work and face this new work week. Let's see how it goes.  

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday already? Quick weekend recap

IMG_20190615_203858_405Alright it's Tuesday morning. Somehow I totally spaced and never made a post yesterday. I used to always post on Sundays and nowadays it seems to be mostly Monday mornings. Oh well. I guess one day won't make a huge difference. 

The weather is a bit dreary this morning. Going to be raining on and off for most of rest of the week I think. It's also weirdly humid. Not really enjoyable. But oh well. On the weekend we at least had nice weather on Saturday so that was good. We decided to go on a hike in Lover's Leap state park in New Milford, CT. We had never been there before so it was fun to check it out. The park still showed a lot of damage from the bad storm a year ago but all in all it was an enjoyable time with some nice views. 

After our hike we headed to the Marketplace Tavern in Litchfield for lunch followed by a stop at Miranda Vineyard where we ran into Melissa from work. I knew she worked there on the weekends but didn't know what days or if it was every weekend so it was a nice surprise. 

Then yesterday, Sunday, the weather turned much more humid and unstable with rain on and off throughout the day. So we decided to go to the movies and saw "The Dead Don't Die". A typical Bill Murray movie really. It wasn't my favorite but Mike really wanted to see it and I didn't hate it. It did have some amusing moments. And there was a lot of commentary on the current state of the world, climate change etc. in the background. 

Alright, that's about all the news here from my end. Work is crazy nuts for me right now. I am not even entirely sure why. Well, it is summer and peak season which always makes things more challenging I suppose. I also was added to a new client a few weeks ago and am still trying to figure out all the nuances on that as well as battling with transition files. Yeah, it is what it is. I guess I'll get through it even though right now I am kind of wishing the summer away which is also sort of sad. Considering how much I hate winter. lol. 

Oh well. Enough babbling. Better get ready and face another day. This weekend we have tickets to see "Kiss Me Kate" on Broadway and dinner reservations at Osteria al Doge in NYC. Cannot wait. Should be a good Saturday. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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