Monday, July 26, 2021

Great Weekend

IMG_20210724_123720_005It's hot and humid and annoying again weather wise but over the weekend we actually had one nice weekend day (Saturday) where the weather was IMG_20210724_123941_882 pretty perfect. Not too hot, not too cool, low humidity, no rain. By Sunday it changed to being humid again with unstable weather but hey we got one day. I will take what I can get. 

The week itself was pretty busy. But then that's every week these days. Just basically putting one foot in front of the other and doing my best to get from one day to the next. Wednesday I was supposed to have my appointment to finally get the implant/crown finished but my dentist called last minute needing to cancel because a part they needed didn't come in. I need to call them back to follow up to re-schedule but just haven't found the time to do that. 

Saturday was a truly great day. Tiring but great. We picked an early start and left the house a little after 6.30am. Got to Hammonasset State Park in Madison, CT around 8am and spent a little over two hours there, walked close to 6 miles. I didn't realize it is quite so big. We checked out a lot of the trails but there was one we didn't get to I think. So there's a good reason to go back. Weather was beautiful and it was fun to be out and about getting some exercise. 

When we were done there we headed to Saltwater Vineyard in Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, CT - right by the RI border. Had some delicious wine and were able to sit outside enjoying the pretty scenery. Definitely a place to go back to. From there we headed back west and had lunch at Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT. Always a great spot. I love their French bistro and the wine is great as well. Had a nice leisurely lunch before heading back towards home. Our last stop was at Centrico in Bethel, CT. Was the perfect night to go there since they have such a beautiful outdoor area with sand, palm trees and a firepit. Was great to sit outside, have a light dinner and some yummy margaritas (papaya was their seasonal one and was absolutely amazing) 

So yeah, was a tiring and busy say but definitely worth it. Sunday was more low key. We slept in later and had lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport. And eventually caught up on some more TV. Watched the first episode of the 2nd season of "Ted Lasso" and also started "Schmiggadon". And watched the season finale of Charmed which threw me for a bit of a loop. I won't post any spoilers but yeah, if you watch the show, you can always message me. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK and Kimber/Canada.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Unstable Weather and some random stuff

20210716_065706_resizedAnd more unstable weather, that seems to be the story of this summer. It's either super hot, crazy humid, pouring rain, cool or a mixture of all of it. We haven't had many days were it has been truly nice. Also in unrelated news every week when I update my blog I tell myself that I will get back into my letter writing and answer my outstanding mail. It's been a struggle. And now everything has been so busy with work that I usually just don't feel like it when I finally do have a free moment. Hopefully everybody will be understanding when i finally do get to it. 

Not all that much new really. Had another busy week at work last week covering for people on vacation plus just the usual summer craziness. But it's really just take it one day at a time, all we can do right now. 

The weekend was relatively uneventful. Saturday we went for an hour long walk at Sherwood Island in Westport. Was really humid and hot so kind of exhausting. Had lunch after at Rizzuto's. Hung out for a while and when I got home I watched the latest episode of "Universum" (Austrian nature show) about Wales and their animals. And then read some more of "Echo in the Bone" (on an Outlander re-reading spree to re read all the books before the new one comes out in November) Some crazy thunderstorms with lightning and thunder very close by that night as well. 

Sunday I had a massage in the morning which was perfect timing cause I had some pain in my lower back that was really annoying. Love my massage therapist. As usual she managed to work some magic and I am feeling like new. Afterwards headed to Newburgh, NY for lunch at Hurricane and when we got home we started binging the Apple show "Ted Lasso". We only have 3 episodes left of the first season and I think we will get those in tonight. The second season releases pretty soon I think so that's something to look forward to. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK and Kimber/Canada.

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Monday, July 12, 2021

Movies/TV, Nice Walk, US Wedding Anniversary

PixlrHow are we already in the middle of July? Time is just flying. I don't want to wish the summer away (because before we know it it will be cold again and I will be complaining about how much I hate the cold and the snow & ice) but right now I am definitely over it. It just gets so busy at work and especially this summer has been kind of the summer on steroids since we didn't really have a true summer last year. So everything is just going crazy and spiraling. 

Not really all that much new I guess. Last week was a shorter work week because of the holiday on Monday. On Saturday we went for a nice walk around downtown Danbury before heading to lunch at Rizzuto's. Definitely some hidden gems in the downtown area. Had fun getting some exercise in and seeing some pretty things along the way. After lunch in Westport we headed back and stopped at Two Steps for a little bit before heading home. Started "Dickinson Season 2" on Apple + TV (finished it on Sunday) Really enjoyed it and am very much looking forward to season 3. It's a fun mash up of period and contemporary with some neat music and just an overall fun feel. 

Sunday we went to see "Black Widow" at the theater in Southbury followed by lunch at "Good Old Days" in Newtown. Was the first time there and we were very happy with it. Definitely should be going back. Yum pizza and a relaxed atmosphere (very funky/retro) Watched the Euro 2020 Italy-England soccer match and eventually headed home where we finished "Dickinson" and started "Tiny World" (a neat documentary show narrated by Paul Rudd) 

Today is our US wedding anniversary. We are a bit unique with having the two wedding anniversaries since we had two wedding ceremonies (the original/official one in Vienna/Austria in Feb 2001 and the US one in July 2002) Crazy how time flies by. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK and Kimber/Canada.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

4th of July Weekend

IMG_20210704_190744_365Fun long weekend and here we are and it's already Tuesday again, which is my Monday this week since I was off yesterday. Happy belated 4th of July to IMG_20210704_191143_184 everyone here in the US. :) Hope everyone had a good weekend and nice Monday if you had it off. I never used to have holidays off and especially not days after holidays at my old job but hey I will take it. 

Saturday was a wash out for the most part, pretty cool and raining most of the day. I didn't mind too much though 'cause after the crazy heat we had during last week I didn't really mind some cool air. We went for lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport and stopped at Rosy's for a bit before heading home and watching some TV. Then on Sunday we decided to head into the city. This was the first time in NYC since before March 2020 and the pandemic. Was really nice to be back. NY was a weird vibe going on still though. Especially in mid town there are a lot of places still closed, Broadway is still all closed up (re-opening in September) We didn't really hit any traffic going down and the city just felt oddly quiet somehow. 

We went to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) which we also have been wanting to do for a while since they renovated and made it bigger. They currently have a Cezanne exhibit and also a neat automobile one. Plus all their regular stuff and some other temporary exhibits of course. Was fun checking everything out. After the museum we headed downtown to have lunch at Lillie's. We discovered Lillie's uptown when going to a Broadway show a few years back. But their uptown location is currently closed so we decided to check out their downtown Union Square location once. It is interesting because they really look almost the same inside, pretty neat. Brunch was delicious and we hung out for a while before heading back uptown and driving home. Definitely a fun way to spend the 4th. 

And yesterday we went to a couple wineries in Wallingford, CT - Gouveia and Paradise Hill. Always a fun way to spend a day. The weather was pretty overcast, especially in the morning. But it was still nice to sit outside and enjoy some wine and snacks. Eventually made it back to Danbury and stopped at Rosy's for a late lunch/early dinner before heading home and binging some more of "Lucifer". 

And well now it's Tuesday morning and off to work in a few. I am back at the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week going forward. Our office is officially re-opening starting today. I am curious how many people will actually be there. Everyone pretty much had the option to decide if they wanted to go back in or do a hybrid model or stay fully remote for now. Will be interesting to see how everything goes. Anyway, not really looking forward to the day after the holiday (tends to be crazy) but is what it is.  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Monday, June 28, 2021

Another Heatwave

IMG_20210627_132422_747Ugh. so hot and humid. We are in the middle of another heatwave. Mid 90ies and humid which feels like we are in the 100ies. (33C - feels like 40C)

I am going into the office the next 2 days. Will be nicer to have the AC there all day. We don't have AC at home. I know we are one of the few people here in the Northeast/Connecticut who don't. But usually we don't really need it. Mike isn't a fan of the dry air it creates and I didn't grow up with it in Austria so I am typically fine without it. We have window fans, ceiling fans as well as large stand up fans so it's usually really not an issue. But when you get to this type of heat and humidity it can get trying. But I guess we will get past it, it should get cooler by Thursday I think. So just a few more days. 

The weekend was humid and warm/hot too but nowhere near as bad as it is today and forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday. On Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's and later stopped at Two Steps where Tyler was bartending his last shift (end of an era - he had been there for 9 years - crazy) We stayed for a while and eventually headed home to catch up on some TV.

Sunday we drove to Newburgh to have lunch at one of the waterfront seafood restaurants - Captain Jake's. While it was pretty humid and hot it really wasn't all that bad. We had a nice lunch and eventually headed back to Danbury where we stopped at Rosy's for some drinks in the AC. And afterwards caught up on some more TV. 

And well here we are, and of course it's Monday again. It's the week before the 4th of July holiday. So I am sure it will be a busy week. I am also covering for a co-worker who is on vacation. Was already a busy week last week but I am sure this week will be more of the same. I have Monday the 5th off so I am looking forward to an extended weekend. Definitely can't wait. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Busy times

IMG_20210620_124831_266Yup, another Monday night. Another busy week at work last week as well as upcoming this week. Still mentoring/training. Plus also covering again for a co-worker on vacation starting mid week this week into next week. So yeah, definitely not being bored. :) 

Besides that not all that much new to report I suppose. Thursday last week I had a dentist appointment. My never ending dental story. Now that I have my braces off we are working on finishing the implant. But I think I need to call the oral surgeon to have them check to make sure the implant is stable before moving forward with the crown and whatnot.  Fun times. 

The weekend was hot and humid so we didn't really do very much.  Saturday we had lunch at Rizzutos in Westport. Spent the night at home,  I ordered my favorite seasonal salad from Panera and some frozen strawberry lemonade and just chilled. 

Sunday we took a ride to Clifton, NJ to have lunch at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant. Yum! And eventually ended up at home to catch up on recorded TV shows. Been binging "Superman & Lois". 

Sunday of course was Father's Day here in the US. Austria celebrated it a week earlier.  So it's been a tough two weeks.  I am kind of glad to be past all of this in social media and just all over coverage. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Sherwood Island State Park, Movies, etc.

Pixlr_20210614204721797Yup, another Monday night. Very busy week at work last week. Had a new employee start who I am mentoring/training. Plus also covered for a co-worker who was on vacation for 3 days. So yeah, definitely not a boring week. :) I ended up going into the office Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - mainly because the connection seems more stable there than the VPN at home plus I can get things done quicker with my 3 monitors. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working from home, and very thankful we have been able to do it for the last year but now that things are picking up and getting busier again I can definitely see that I can get things done at a quicker pace when in the office. It may not make a huge difference but when you are already busy every little bit helps. We still don't have a lot of people back in the office and I think it's going to be a while before things go back to the way they used to be and honestly they probably never fully will. But it's ok, I am sure plenty of people are in a similar boat with their office situations. 

Last weekend was actually pretty decent weather wise. Saturday it was cloudy but pretty nice so we went for a 4 mile walk around Sherwood Island State Park. And then had lunch at Rizzuto's. Watched "Promising Young Woman" in the evening. Definitely can see why it was nominated for a lot of awards. 

Sunday we went to see "In The Heights" at the movies which was a lot of fun. Definitely would recommend!! Afterwards we were going to check out a vineyard in Shelton but that didn't quite work out so we just had a late lunch at Notch 8. No complaints - had delicious pizza - so all good. And at night we caught up with some more recorded TV. 

And well here we are, another week ahead. Already mid June. Time is definitely flying. But I guess that's what happens when you are busy. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Sunday, June 06, 2021

June Heat Wave

HotWriting on a Sunday this time. Figured I have a little bit of time so may as well get my update in. :) The weather is scorching this weekend - we are in the 90ies (35C) - record high temperatures -and high humidity too. The total opposite from what we had last weekend when we were in the 50ies (12C) with rain. I would be happy with a medium, you know. Maybe 70-80 (21-26C) would be nice. Haha. But yeah, we of course cannot control the weather. It is what it is. 

Last Monday, on Memorial Day, we headed to Hawk Ridge Winery. I had thought that maybe we could sit outside but when we got there it was breezy and still chilly, so we ended up sitting inside. We grabbed a table right by the window so I was able to look outside while sipping my wine. :) The weather did clear up later in the day and by dinner time it was pretty decent and actually sunny with no clouds in the sky. Go figure. 

The week was busy but went by pretty quickly all in all. Of course now we are already on Sunday again and another week almost upon us. But not trying to dwell on that just yet. Will make the most of Sunday first. :) Yesterday, Saturday, we had lunch at Rizzuto's and then stopped at Two Steps on the way home and hung out there for a while. They were actually pretty busy, the whole bar area was filled, definitely a sign things are starting to go back to somewhat more normal around here. It's kind of weird and I am still not too crazy about crowds (never have been really) but we were on the edge of the crowd, kind of set aside, so it was more of a looking in from the outside scenario rather than being right in the middle. 

Today I think we are going to head to Flipside in Fairfield. We had talked about going to one of the seafood restaurants on the water in Newburgh, NY. But it's just too hot. I really do want to go but sitting outside in 90 degree humidity doesn't really sound all that appealing. Guess there's always next week. We had talked about going last week too but last week we had the opposite problem of being too chilly and wet. :) Well, guess there will be a decent temperature weekend one of these days. Right? :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_20210530_140925_703Happy Memorial Day! :) Having a long weekend which is nice but the weather has been absolutely dismal. Considering we had 90F (32C) a week ago this weekend was cold and raining pretty much every day. 55F (12c) and rain was really not what I had in mind for a long holiday weekend but I guess you don't get to pick the weather, do you? So yeah that was Saturday and Sunday. Today is a tiny bit better. It's not raining right now, although it is completely overcast but is supposed to warm up a little bit by late afternoon. We are heading to Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown, CT. They have a covered deck so even if it decides to rain again we should be ok.  Still not really the weather I was hoping for but we'll make the best of it. 

Saturday we went to Rizzuto's in Westport and afterwards saw "Cruella" at a theater close by in Norwalk. Was a lot of fun to go to the movies again. It's been a while since we actually went to the movies. Last movie we saw was 'Wonderwoman 1984' on Christmas last year and the one before that was "Emma" in March 2020 before everything shut down. And typically we would go to the movies almost every or every other weekend as our routine so it's been kind of weird. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to check out the Aldrich Contemporary Museum in Ridgefield. Had never been and thought might be something nice to do on a rainy day. The museum wasn't bad but out of the three galleries they had only one was open (the other two were being set up with new exhibits) so we were done super quickly. They also had a small sculpture garden outside so we ventured out into the drizzling rain for a bit but yeah, wasn't a super long visit. Oh well. Afterwards we went to the Barndoor restaurant for brunch. Bottomless mimomas - yay. And later stopped at Rosy's for a bit before heading home and catching up on some recorded TV. 

So today we are leaving for the winery in a bit. Later also need to stop at the grocery store for some items and will see what else we will do. And well tomorrow it's back to work. I am sure the day after the holiday will be busy so not really looking forward to it but oh well. That can be tomorrow's worry. Right? 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Eurovision, Europe Trip, 2nd Vaccine, ...

IMG_20210523_122151_597Yes, you guessed it. It's Monday evening again and another week has somehow disappeared. A week from today is already Memorial Day. I don't even know how it's almost June. Work is still very busy and I guess that really won't change until the fall. But it's good to know that things are going back to normal and relocations are picking up again. Means the world is slowly going back to "normal". Whatever that means. :) 

I got my 2nd shot today (Pfizer) So far so good. My arm is sore but so far nothing else crazy. I didn't have too much of a problem with the first shot either. Just a bit of a fever for a really short time overnight, a sore arm and tiredness. But nothing overly terrible. So hopefully it will be the same with the second shot. And then two weeks from today I will be fully vaccinated. Yay! I know Mike is dying to go to a baseball game. We haven't been in ages so would be fun to be able to go this summer. 

I am glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. I also just booked a trip back to Europe for right after Labor Day and am hoping when I go everything will feel a bit more normal there too. I am flying to London first (Jet Blue had a sale for their new London route) and am going to spend a few days with my friend Nicola in the UK. Haven't seen her since March 2019 so will be fun to spend some time with her. And after that I am off to Austria to spend time with my mom of course. And if the world cooperates I'll also be able to see some of my Vienna friends this time (as last time everything was in lock down and I couldn't really see many people outside of the immediate circle) So yes, definitely looking forward to it. It will still be strange going back and my dad not being there. I know, it's been two months now, but it's still a weird feeling and honestly often easy to forget where thoughts like 'Oh he would think that's funny, I have to tell him that' etc. pop into my mind. I wonder how long it takes for those kind of things to stop. 

Anyway, on a more fun note, last weekend was the Eurovision Song Contest and I had fun watching it live via the ORF (Austrian TV) website. The Netherlands did a great job hosting - especially considering the crazy year it's been and all the preparations that had to go into it.  Italy won so next year they will be hosting. I think it's been a while since they have hosted/won so should be fun. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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