Monday, November 28, 2022

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

IMG_20221124_192308_914And here we are, Thanksgiving is done and over and we are just a few days away from December. I honestly don't Pixlr_20221128211057721 know where this year has gone but hey, here's to 2023. Just a little over a month away now. 

Thanksgiving was nice and low key and really my whole Thanksgiving break (Thursday to Sunday) was nice and quiet. We ended up with no real big plans so it was just a lot of relaxing, watching TV, reading and whatnot. 

Thursday we slept in a bit and I finished up most of my Christmas cards in the morning. Then around lunch time we started watching the newest season of Manifest on Netflix before heading out to the Hopkins Inn for our 4pm reservation. Had a lovely delicious dinner. Our table was right by the fireplace which was nice and cozy. I had Wiener Schnitzel and Mike had the scallops, both with all he traditional Thanksgiving sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce and so on. After dinner we headed home and watched "Spirited" on Apple TV before binging more Manifest. 

Friday I wrote a few letters and Mike wanted to watch the US - England World Cup game at 2pm. And later we finished up Manifest. Saturday wasn't very eventful either. Had lunch at Rizzuto's and later in the evening I put up our Christmas tree so that's done as well. 

Sunday we went to the movies and saw "The Fabelmans" which was a neat movie, followed by a late lunch at Newsylum. And eventually headed home and watched more TV, starting on the most recent season of Dickenson on Apple TV. So as I said was a pretty low key and quiet few days. 

In more exciting news we took advantage of a couple Black Friday deals. I treated myself to a new Kindle Paperwhite and we booked a great travel deal. Heading to Barcelona & Lisbon for 7 days (3 nights in each city) in February. $650 per person including all the flights and hotels. Definitely a great deal. It's been a while since we have been overseas together (Croatia in 2019) so that should be fun for sure.

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA. Letters went out today to: Carmen/Malta and Kimber/Canada. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Not a great week but a fun brunch to close off the week

20221120_133821And already the weekend before IMG_20221118_184943_963 Thanksgiving. This year is truly flying by. This week has been a bit of a blur and not necessarily in a good way unfortunately. 

Been a bit under the weather. Both Mike and I have been battling an annoying cold all week. We have both tested multiple times for Covid (Mike pretty much every day at work) so we know it's not that.  Just an annoying bug.  Started with the sniffles/congestion which turned into a cough. Mainly just been tired. 

Friday I got my Omicron Covid booster shot which made me even more tired but I am glad that's done. My arm hurt a lot for a day and a half and I had the chils overnight but all is well. 

The other thing that put a big damper on the week is that Mindy passed away on Tuesday. I know I had mentioned she was in a bit of a downward spiral again but things progressed rather quickly unfortunately. We had a vet appointment for her Wednesday but Tuesday she passed away at home. I guess in a way it's good she wad spared another car ride to the vet and she took the decision out of my hands. We would have tried to get her another steroid shot but clearly she decided she had enough. I do miss her dearly. But it is what it is of course and just part of owning pets. 

Let's see how next week goes. It's a short week with Thanksgiving on Thursday. We have reservations at the Hopkins Inn so that should be good.  

Today we met up with Shannon & Erik (our niece & nephew) for brunch. It's been a while since we have been out with them so that was fun. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta and Kimber/Canada. 

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Klimt NYC Exhibit, my mom's birthday and other random stuff

Pixlr_20221112142420666Alright behind with my posting again so here we go trying to catch up. First things first it's my mom's birthday today so happy birthday mom. :) I spoke with her earlier and sounds like they had nice weather and she was even able to sit outside in the sun for a while.  

Last weekend on Saturday we went to NYC to see the Klimt Immersive Exhibit Gold in Motion which was a lot of fun. Neat experience and besides Klimt they also had some Hundertwasser as well. Very cool. After the exhibit we walked to The Penny Farthing for lunch.  The weather was super nice (70ies and sunny - very strange for November) so we walked instead of taking the subway. After our lunch we also walked back up to midtown where we parked. Lots of walking but the weather was definitely perfect for it. 

Sunday we went to Rizzutos for lunch and eventually caught up on some TV at night.  And since then a whole week has already gone by again.  Nothing too exciting to report. Was supposed to get my bloodwork done for my upcoming physical on Thursday morning but when I got there they didn't have the order from my doctors office so I had to reschedule that. Ended up doing it this morning instead after the doctor's office called in the order to Quest. 

Also got some of my Christmas cards done this morning. I know it's early but especially with the international cards it's best to get them in the mail early.  Nowhere near done but got most of my international ones done so that's something. Will just need to continue doing a few at a time to get them all done in time.  

We may go to the movies tomorrow. No other big plans. A bit worried about our cat Mindy again these days. She had plateaud there for a while but I am worried she may be slipping again.  We might have to bring her to the vet again for another steroid shot. I guess we will just have to see how it goes.  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta and Kimber/Canada. 

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Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Weekend

Pixlr_20221031095822144I wrote the below yesterday but then had trouble posting so just getting that done now.

And already Sunday night again. Why do weekends fly by so fast? I really don't want it to be Monday tomorrow. But what can you do, right?

Our little North Fork break was a lot of fun so can't complain too much. On Tuesday after checking out from the hotel we went back to the bagel place for breakfast and then headed to Clovis Point. Hung out there and then continued on to Paumanok where we had some lovely baguette with olive oil and hung out for a while before eventually heading back to CT. Work Wednesday to Friday was busy as usual.

Saturday we went to Rizzutos for lunch and from there went to John and Kim's Halloween party. It's been such a long time since we hung out with them so it was fun to catch up with them. Stayed till after 10pm.

Today, Sunday, we slept in and then went for a walk around the pond at Wooster cemetery. And from there to lunch/brunch at Red Rooster. Now at the Quarter and eventually going to head home and watch some recorded TV.

Let's see what next week brings. We do have tickets to the Klimt experience in NYC next week on Saturday. I am really looking forward to that.

Mail Update: All caught up with my my mail.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

North Fork Birthday Getaway

Yup really behind with my updating once again but do have some free time this morning so figured I should try and get caught up. :) Last thing I posted about was the Garlic Festival. Really not that much to report after that I suppose. The week after that was pretty uneventful, usual work stuff. Trying to remember what we did on the weekend. Oh yeah, Saturday (15th) the weather was pretty nice and we went for a walk at Sherwood Island at the beach before having lunch at Rizzuto's. And I think Sunday we went to see a movie. Trying to remember, oh yeah, "Don't Worry Darling". Was a decent movie, not amazing but not bad either. After the movies we had lunch at NewSylum. Always delicious pizza for sure.

And the following week was another normal, busy work week. Saturday (22nd) we met up with Robin & Ashley at Rizzuto's which was a lot of fun. We always say we need to make plans to meet up more often but then it doesn't seem to happen. But either way it's always fun to see them and catch up.

And that brings us to Sunday (23rd) and the start of little birthday getaway. We started the day off with breakfast at Elmer's, always very yum. And after a quick stop at Starbucks from there started our drive to the North Fork of Long Island. Went all the way out to the furthest winery Kontokosta and got there around 11.30 or so. The weather was dry for most of our drive but the rain started soon after we got there. Been raining on and off, sometimes more, sometimes less for the whole time we have been here. Oh well. It does seem to have stopped now so we should at least be able to drive back without rain later today which is good.

After Kontokosta we headed to One Woman but unfortunately due to the rain they didn't really have anywhere to sit as they have a super tiny tasting room so we just bought a bottle of Gruener to bring home. :) Then went on to Lenz which is always nice. Got a bottle to enjoy with some cheddar and olive oil crackers. They had the door open but we were inside and could watch the rain dripping down outside, kind of cozy. From there we went on to Bedell. Got a couple of glasses and sat outside on their covered deck. It was a bit chilly I have to say but still nice to hang out for a while. Last stop of the day was Coffeepot where we got to see Laura & Beasley the pug. He is so old now but it's always a pleasure to see them both. Hung out there for a while before driving to our hotel. This time we are staying at the Hyatt Place instead of the Indigo because the Indigo's pricing was through the roof for some reason. The Hyatt doesn't have a real bar but there is a restaurant/bar called "Jerry and the Mermaid" literally next door so it's been fine.

Yesterday, Monday, for my actual birthday we started the day at a bagel place with a delicious hearty breakfast. From there we went on to Pellegrini Vineyards and hung out there for a while and then stopped into Ev&Em which is the old Laurel Lakes vineyard but rebranded. They are now all about sustainability which is neat. We also met somebody who used to work at One Woman and recognized us which was fun. From there we headed to Osprey which was super quiet, I guess being a Monday and all. Stopped at Coffeepot one more time to pick up some jam and also got to meet Adam, Laura's husband and winemaker, which was fun. After that we were off to dinner. The original plan was to have a seafood dinner at A Lure but when we got there we realized they had switched over to their fall hours and weren't open on Mondays. So instead we went to their sister restaurant A Mano. Had a yummy dinner before heading back to the hotel.

And here we are, Tuesday morning, just catching up with my blog. In a bit we will head back to the bagel place for breakfast and then pick up some more wine to bring home and stop into one or two more wineries before heading back to CT. Not ready to face reality just yet but we do still have today to enjoy before it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Mail Update: All caught up with my my mail.

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Sunday, October 09, 2022

Garlic Festival Weekend

IMG_20221009_213941_020And here we are already the second week of October and it's definitely feeling like fall now.  We had a frost warning last night and leaves are turning colors even though they are not that bright which I guess isn't super surprising with the drought we had. 

The early part of this week was pretty dreary with a lot of rain. Finally the sun came out in the later part of the week and Thursday & Friday was even in the 70ies. But the weekend went back down to high 50ies and low 60ies. 

Thursday I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. Other than that just a busy week with vacation coverage for a coworker and some IT issues with our VPN being down for a while. 

Saturday we  had a low key day with lunch and catching up on some shows. Also spent some time reading and having a quiet night.

Today, Sunday, we went to the CT Garlic & Harvest Festival in Bethlehem, CT which was fun. It's been some years since we have been and it was fun checking out the different stands and trying samples of stuff. We bought some rosemary foccacia as well as some jalapeƱo hot sauce. Afterwards headed to Walker Road Vineyards for a glass of wine. Even though it was cool and a bit breezy it was still nice enough to sit out on the deck in the sun. After we went to the Marketplace in Woodbury for a late lunch. And now we are home watching the Mets - San Diego post season game. Unfortunately the Mets aren't doing so hot and this is a do or die game. Guess we will see what happens. 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for once :)

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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Hello October

FB_IMG_1664746422906Yup it's already October. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I spent three weeks in Austria so really most of September just flew by and well here we are, October 2nd. :)

The travel back last Monday was fine. Relatively uneventful I suppose, no major delays, just a minor one. The layover in Amsterdam worked out pretty ok even though there were long lines at passport control but I ended up having enough time to sit down and have a quick snack and a glass of wine before needing to board the next flight. We did end up having a ground delay leaving Amsterdam and sat on the tarmac for quite a while. Made up some time in the air and ended up being late by about 15-20 minutes I think. 

Of course the rest of the week was busy, trying to catch up at work. But I made it through the week. Now it's already Sunday night again. Ugh. Not sure I am quite ready for another full week ahead. 

The weekend has been pretty quiet. The weather has been dreary with rain/wind. The leftovers of hurricane Ian making there way through here. Can't complain of course as it's really just been dreary, no real issues. Looking at some of those photos from Florida ... truly heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Whole towns almost wiped out and destroyed. Crazy. 

Yesterday we watched "Meet Cute" on Peacock TV and then caught on some recorded shows and today we went to the movies and saw "See How They Run" which was a lot of fun. Hanging out at the Quarter in Newtown right now and eventually will head home and catch up on some more recorded shows. 

Well, that's about all really. Let's see how the next week goes. I am sure I will power through one way or another, always works out somehow. 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for once :)

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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Goodbye Europe ... until we meet again

IMG_20220924_211142_596And somehow it's already my last night here in Austria. Not sure how that happens. How can three whole weeks fly IMG_20220925_183000_563 by that fast? It's a mystery I will never quite understand. 

This past week I was off Monday through Wednesday. Went to a few appointments with my mom and we also went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and relaxed. Thursday and Friday I worked which of course made the days fly by even faster. It was really nice to have a week off straight in a row but of course coming back from that means even crazier times trying to catch up. 

Saturday I went back into Vienna and met up with my friend Claudia. Ended up being there about an hour early and used the time to be a bit touristy, sitting in a cafe facing St Stephen's Cathedral. The weather was pretty decent and nice enough to be able to sit outside (at least for a short time) which was great considering the weather hasn't been all that great. Very fall like, chilly and often raining. But my hour sitting in the cafe enjoying the view and people watching was a lot of fun. Then I met up with Claudia at Schwedenplatz and we caught up chatting. 

Today, Sunday, my mom, aunt and our neighbors took a little daytrip into the countryside (about 1 hour and a half one way). The weather wasn't super amazing but it ended up not raining which was good. And we had some delicious food and an enjoyable day. 

When we got back I ended up doing all my packing and now just watching some TV and drinking some wine, trying to relax and enjoy my last night with my mom. The airport taxi picks me up at 5.30am. Ugh. 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for once :)

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

2 Weeks Gone ...1 More To Go

IMG_20220917_132917_911 IMG_20220917_163116_109And time is continuing to fly. Tomorrow (Monday) is already the 2 weeks point with 1 more week to go before I leave on Monday, August 26th. I really don't know how it happens but times just seems to go on "fast forward" whenever I am here, no matter how long I am here for. You would think that three weeks would feel like a long time but no, not really. IMG_20220917_162855_975

Anyway, let's see what I can recap for the last week. I worked Monday and Tuesday but have been off starting Wednesday. On Wednesday I met up with an old friend, somebody I was good friends with growing up while living here but haven't seen in ages. He is now also married and has two daughters, a beautiful 3 and 6 year old. We caught up over lunch at McDonald's (because yes that's what you do when you have kids that age *g*) Anyway, was a lot of fun to catch up. 

Thursday I had a hair appointment and spent a good amount of the day at the hairdresser. In the afternoon I met up with Andi for some tea/coffee and a quick snack which was nice. And Friday my aunt, mom and our neighbors Helga & Franz went to a Heurigen (Sandbichler) for a fun vineyard lunch. Was also able to pick up a few bottles of wine to bring back to the US. 

Yesterday, Saturday, I was in Vienna and went to the Belvedere. Been quite a long time since I have seen the museum there. Lots of Klimt paintings amongst other things. Then had a nice cafe lunch at Cafe Mozart people/tourist watching before heading back.

And today, Sunday, was just a quiet day. The weather has been pretty fall/autumn like, cool, windy, sometimes rainy and kind of dreary. Managed to catch up on my letter writing today and also watched a Rosamunde Pilcher movie with my mom in the afternoon. 

And tomorrow is already Monday again. I do have a couple more days off from work but also have some things I still need to catch up on. So let's see what this last week brings before I head back to the US. 

Mail Update: Letters should be going out soon to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Austria Musings .. time is flying by

IMG_20220911_180507_782 (1) IMG_20220908_093123_972And as usual time is flying by like crazy. Tomorrow is already Monday IMG_20220910_213046_555 again which means I will have already been IMG_20220910_213247_983
here for a week. I really don't know how a whole week has already passed by but I guess that's how it goes. 

Wednesday I accompanied my mom to her physical therapy appointment and afterwards we had lunch at the Seedose, a really nice restaurant by the lake. Lucked out with the weather as well and were able to sit outside enjoying a lake front lunch. The first few days I was here it was actually almost hot during the day but towards the end of the week a weather front passed through which made things a bit more unstable. Not terrible by all means but definitely some rain, wind and unstable weather mixed in. 

Thursday and Friday I had to work. But Friday we were able to squeeze in a nice Chinese buffet lunch with my aunt prior to me needing to start work which worked out well. And the weekend was jam packed with activities as well. 

Saturday I took the train into Vienna and met my friend Andrea at 10am for breakfast at Cafe Stein. I had not been there previously but it definitely did not disappoint. I had a delicious egg scramble with smoked salmon & avocado accompanied by some lovely Earl Grey tea. From there I took a nice scroll as the weather was cooperating well. A bit windy but sunny and good picture taking weather. Met up with Lydia at 1516 around 1pm and we hung out there for a while before moving on and stopping at Kolar and ending at the Hard Rock Cafe. As usual too much to eat and drink but definitely a fun day for sure. 

And today, Sunday, I took the train to Salzburg and met up with my Salzburg family. Rain for the most day but had a lovely lunch nonetheless followed by a nice coffee/cake and prosecco stop at Gerti's apartment where my friend Anneliese also stopped by and we had some time to catch up and hang out before it was time for me to return to the train station and catch the train back. It's a 2 1/2 hr train ride one-way but always worth it. 

Definitely a bit tired now and kind of wish it wasn't Monday tomorrow but it is what it is. I do have some days off coming up later in the week so there's something to look forward to for sure. :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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