Monday, March 01, 2021

Hello March

Facebook_1614644914770_6772311624603009590Welcome March. I don't usually particularly like March cause it's typically a wet, muddy and "ugly" month. But the one good thing it usually has is that is the gateway to spring. March has the potential of some nice, warmer days. It also has the possibility of cold crappy weather so it really is a mixed bag I guess. But at least there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow morning when I have my next orthodontist appointment the forecast shows 17F (-8C) but Wednesday the temps are supposed to reach mid-high 40ies F (7C) so definitely better. 

Not all that much else new really. Work has been quite a bit busier than it has been. I guess that's also a good sign showing that some of the backlog is moving along and companies are initiating relocations that were previously on hold etc. 

Last weekend Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's and I spent the evening/night at home making soup and catching up on some reading. Sunday we went for brunch at the Marketplace in Brookfield and later watched the Golden Globes. What a mess that was. I do usually like watching the awards shows but this was a total "shitshow". I understand things are different at the moment due to the social distancing and Zoom/virtual world. But it just seemed like they didn't rehearse this at all and nobody had any idea what was going on. Crazy.

Well and now it's Monday and another week ahead. Let's see what the week brings. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Mike's Birthday, more snowy weather, ...

SnoopyMore snow. We had a few more inches today followed by a little rain. And also had snow last week on Thursday on Mike's birthday and pretty sure also on some other days during the week. Just blocked it out by now I think. The weather has been pretty unstable with various fronts coming through. Sometimes being forecasted as more, than ending up as not much and other times the other way around. It looks like the 10-day forecast finally has us creeping into slightly warmer temps above freezing and not the constant threat of snow. Guess we'll see how it goes. 

Last week Thursday for Mike's birthday we ended up not really doing all that much. Mike stayed home during the day and watched the Mars landing on TV. Then at night we ventured out for dinner at Rosy's during a slight break in the snow. Our friend John met us there and we hung out for a little while. Was pretty dead but was still nice to be able to go out. 

Not a whole lot else going on really. The weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's and I spent the evening at home reading more of Michele Obama's book "Becoming". Need to get a few more chapters in tonight as well actually. Sunday I had my monthly massage booked at 10.15am (been really enjoying those) and then we went to Flipside in Fairfield for lunch and eventually met up with John and Jana at Rosy's. 

And well, here we are. It's Monday and it is shaping up to be another busy week at work. I am hopeful that maybe that means that things are bouncing back. I mean it's been nice having some quieter times at work but of course ultimately it is better for the company and also for myself if relocations start to pick up again and we have a busier work day/week. I guess let's see how it goes. I think right now it's just a combination of some new files plus old ones that are starting to finally move after having been on hold for ages due to lockdowns and visa & travel restrictions. Well, we will just have to wait and see how it continues.  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta.

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Day

IMG_20210214_183805_881Happy Valentine's everyone. :) I hope everyone had a nice one even if you aren't currently in a relationship. To me Valentine's Day is simply an excuse to eat delicious food and especially chocolate. :) I mean who doesn't want an excuse to eat chocolate, right? :) We had a good day, didn't do anything crazy but it was a fun low key day. 

Saturday we slept in and then went to Rizzuto's in Westport again. Was kind of funny being there again after just having been there on Wednesday night too. Saturday night I spent with Jana at their home. She made a yummy chicken curry dish and we hung out and watched a rom com/chick flick type movie. Eventually John and Mike (who had hung out together at Two Steps) came back and we hung out together as the four of us for a bit before going home. 

Sunday we went to Rosy's and hung out there for a bit (I had stuffed my face with a heart shaped pepperoni garlic pizza from Notch 8 for a late breakfast) before going to Chuck's for dinner. Such delicious food. I had one of their Valentine's specials, a sliced filet steak with a mushroom red wine sauce, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. So so good. Mike ordered lobster tails and we ended up getting a hot fudge sundae for dessert. Definitely a great dinner. When we got home we caught up on some of our recorded TV and well here we are and it's Monday again. 

In a bit I am going to make dinner, a southern chicken with buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans. And then I will watch the first episode of "Men in Kilts" and after that I will most likely just settle in for the night and read some more of Michele Obama's book "Becoming". 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta.

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Wedding Anniversary -- 20 Years

IMG_20210210_101333_618 IMG_20210210_200746_621 IMG_20210210_223542_00920 Years --- where has the time gone? It's honesty crazy to me to think that we got married February 10th, 2001. It does not feel like it's been 20 years. But time is a weird thing. To me the late 90ies also feel like they are 10 years ago and obviously that's even longer ago. To be fair I was only 21 when we got married but still, it just does not feel like 20 years have passed. I have no idea where the time has gone. But it's neither here nor there of course. We have had a lot of great moments in those 20 years, some amazing vacations and fun every day stuff. Of course it wasn't easy every day and we have had our struggles along the way but I guess that's why it's "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health" etc. I don't think any relationship is ever just easy and perfect all the time. But all in all I really can't complain, it's mostly been 20 pretty fun years. :) So here's to the next 20. 

We had originally planned to celebrate with an epic vacation of some sort. Maybe Fiji, Tahiti or the Maldives or Mauritius. Somewhere far flung and amazing. Of course Covid cancelled those plans for us. We are still planning on doing something epic but it will have to wait. Maybe later this year or next year. So for this year for the actual anniversary there really wasn't a whole lot we could do. It was cold with snow and ice on the ground so not really the type of weather to spend a ton of time outside. Most movie theaters aren't even open mid-week and/or if they are they only have a few show times in the evening. Museum would have been fun too but most require scheduled appointments in advance etc. And leaving CT is pretty much a no-go right now too cause you then have to quarantine when coming back plus whatever restrictions there are in the state you are going to.

So we ended up booking 1 night at a boutique hotel in Southport, CT - close by to Rizzuto's in Westport. Had a lovely dinner at Rizzuto's and then a night cap at the hotel restaurant. I had taken both Tuesday and Wednesday off from work so it was nice having some time off mid week. Not the epic vacation I had originally envisioned but it was still fun and we made the best of it. Goes with the "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" type saying. And we did have a fun day and night out. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta.

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Monday, February 08, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday - Snow

Pixlr (4)Snow, snow and more snow. Guess nature is making up for the fact that we haven't had much snow these past two winters. We had some ice storms but only a few inches of snow really. Well, so far we had the storm in December just before Christmas this winter and then 19 inches a week ago on Monday. And then about 5 and a half more inches yesterday, Sunday. And there's more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Anywhere from 2 to 6 inches depending on what forecast you want to believe. And more possibility of snow on various days in the upcoming 10 day forecast but of course that's all TBD because it's not really possible to know where these storms actually go and how they will really track until we get much closer to have any real idea if or how much snow we will get. 

Anyway, I guess it's winter and we just have to deal with it. Just not a huge fan of it but it is what it obviously. Not too much new really otherwise. Like I said last week Monday we had the big storm with a bunch of snow. Some of it did melt over the following days but not all that much so everything has been white outside for a while now. Saturday we went down to Westport and had lunch at Rizzuto's and then stopped at Centrico to say hi to our friend Cait before heading home to catch up on our recorded TV. Then yesterday, Sunday, we made our way out to Rosy's for lunch. We had to walk to the city parking garage where the car was (due to the snow street parking ban) which was a hassle. It's not that long of walk, barely a mile and a half or less. But the main issue was that it had snowed over icy sidewalks so you never knew where it was safe to step and we ended up slipping and sliding all over. Ugh. Luckily the roads to Rosy's are main roads and mostly flat. Made it there ok and stayed until the weather had passed and by the time we drove home the roads were clear. Watched the Super Bowl when we got home and then the SNL from Saturday that we had recorded. 

And well here we are, Monday night already. Made a spicy shrimp and broccoli fettucine dish for dinner. And now just going to veg and read for a while. Really not motivated to do anything else tonight. Oh well. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta. A letter went out to Celia/MA last Friday. 

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Monday, February 01, 2021

Blizzard - Snow Day

Snowfall_Map-1Let it snow. Looking out the window all I can see is snow and more snow, blowing everywhere. It's been snowing since after midnight last night and is supposed to continue until tomorrow morning. It's a slow moving storm that is dumping a good amount of snow on us, that's for sure. It's also affecting a lot of area and not just Connecticut. Been seeing so many snow pictures from all over. The wind is really starting to pick up now too. Ugh. Fingers crossed we don't lose power. The working from home model definitely was beneficial today. Not planning on going out there until tomorrow morning. Was thinking of going out there this afternoon to get a head start on the steps and walk way but honestly the way the snow is blowing around might as well wait until the morning when it's all said and done. Our landlord takes care of the plowing of the driveway but we do have to shovel the back steps and walkway. Mike ended up putting the car in the city garage (they open it up for free during snow storms) and walking home (about a mile) to avoid having to dig out the car after the storm. After the last storm the landlord had plowed the car in so much it took us ages to dig out. 

Well, not too much else new really. The weekend was fine but crazy cold. We had some super frigid weather at the end of last week with wind chills in negative F. Brrrr. Went to lunch at Rizzuto's Saturday and at night we hung out with our friends John and Jana at their place. Had pizza and some apps and watched the movie "Black Bear". Fun night. Sunday we slept in, went to the store (which was a mad house due to the upcoming storm) and had brunch at Marketplace. And caught up on some TV at night. 

Going to make dinner in a bit and we'll probably catch up on some more recorded TV after dinner. Ugh. I am really over winter. I know it hasn't been so bad all in all but I am really just not a winter person. To be fair I don't care for crazy heat and humidity either but at least you don't have to shovel that. LOL.  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta. A letter went out to Nina/WA last Friday. 

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Monday, January 25, 2021


IMG_20210120_122139_347And we made it past Inauguration Day and all went off without a hitch - thankfully.  I enjoyed watching the proceedings on TV, the performances, speeches, etc. I am truly excited for and about Kamala Harris. I really enjoy her and from a historical standpoint it's of course a great and important milestone. And of course I'm happy about Joe BIden as well. Was he my first choice and clear front runner candidate? No, not really. But do I think he is 10000x better than another 4 years of what we previously had? Yes, yes of course. Well, anyway, I am glad the day has come and gone and while of course not everything all of a sudden is all wonderful, rainbows and roses overnight, I just feel more confident and optimistic. So let's hope we can figure out ways to turn things around. The whole Covid mess, climate change, the economy, there's a never ending list of tasks of course. 

Not much else going on really. Can't really leave Connecticut at the moment as most other states around us require you to quarantine and/or CT would require us to quarantine when we get back. Next month is our 20 year wedding anniversary (Feb 10) and originally we had talked about doing some epic trip, something like Fiji or Tahiti. But yeah, that's of course not happening. Yes, there are ways to travel even these days but I am really just not feeling confident doing that. I don't want to be on a plane for such a long time, having to wear a mask, no drink service, etc. All sorts of restrictions at the destination, things are shut down/closed, having to be extra careful non stop. I'd do it if it can't be avoided of course but voluntarily, no not really. Austria has a ton of entry regulations as well so god knows when I will actually be able to get back to Austria. It's been over a year now since I was last there. Ugh. 

The weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport. Sunday we went to Notch 8 and had yummy pizza and hung out there for the afternoon. And eventually caught up on our recorded TV shows at home and also started "Wandavision" on Disney+. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Celia/MA, Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Inauguration Day T Minus 26 Hours

BidenA little late with my weekly post this week. No real reason. Just kind of forgot to post last night when I was done with work and then had already turned the computer off and didn't feel like turning it back on. lol. And it's just easier to type these on the PC rather than on my phone which of course would also be possible but yeah anyway ... I digress. lol. 

Another week and this week we have Inauguration Day here in the US tomorrow for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. I really do pray that all works out ok and there aren't any crazy incidents. With what we saw at the Capitol not that long ago everyone rightly is a bit on edge I think. So yeah, fingers crossed all goes ok and we can have a peaceful transition of power. That really should not even be a concern in the United States. But yeah, we have apparently entered a different version of realty these days. So here we are and let's see how it goes. 

Not all that much else new really. Didn't do very much last weekend. Saturday we went for lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport and then hung out at Two Steps for a bit where we also met up with our friends John and Jana. And on Sunday I had my monthly massage scheduled in the morning. (really enjoying my annual membership I signed up for with Massage Envy) And afterwards we drove out to Millbrook Winery in Millbrook, NY. They have a special going on for the month of January where they partner with different local restaurants and offer various soups each weekend, alongside some crusty bread and their wine of course. And this past weekend was "Lobster Corn Chowder" which sounded so good. Well, it ended up being kind of a disappointment. I mean it was ok but not nearly as delicious as I wanted it to be. Oh well. We still had fun sipping the wine and stopped at Rosy's on the way home before catching up on a bunch of recorded TV. 

Last night I finished Obama's book. Really enjoyed it and definitely spent a lot of time focusing on it so I could return it in time to the library which worked out since it's due this week Friday so I actually finished it in a week and a half - not bad for 700 pages. Will want to get Michele Obama's book out too in the near future. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Celia/MA and Eunice/Malta. 

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Random Stuff

Pixlr_20210111180730031Already mid January. Nothing much to report from last week I guess. It was the first full work week in a while so it felt extra long in a way but all in all a normal week. I was going to try and do dry January but it hasn't really been working out all that great. So instead I am going for a dry-ish January, basically limiting myself and skipping some days altogether. Mainly trying to lose some weight after having paid no real attention to my diet over the holiday period. So trying to do better and get back into the swing of things. 

The weekend was pretty low key too. Saturday we had lunch in Westport at Rizzuto's and then stopped at Two Steps for a bit. Started Barack Obama's book "The Promised Land" and been really enjoying it. Saturday night I stayed up till around midnight reading. I borrowed the book from the library and since it's a new book it has a 2 week limit and there are a bunch of holds for it so it can't really be renewed. So I'll do my best to get through the 700 pages before it's time to return it. After I am done with this post I'll make myself a big mug of tea and read some more. 

Sunday we slept in and then had brunch at the Marketplace in Brookfield. Our friend John joined us and we hung out for a while before going home and catching up on our recorded TV shows. Also decided to rent a movie with Gerard Butler called "Greenland". It was $$19.99 and honestly I am not sure that it was worth that. If it was free/included with Prime or Netflix, ok but to pay extra for it - I'd advise to save your money and wait. I mean it wasn't terrible but it also wasn't amazing. But whatever I guess. 

Anyway that's all really. Nothing much else going on. Today is already Monday again. Let's see what this week brings. Inauguration Day is next week. I am excited and nervous for it all at the same time. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Celia/MA and Eunice/Malta. 

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Monday, January 04, 2021

Hello 2021

20202021. We finally made it through 2020. What a weird year it's been. Before starting to write this post I looked back at my first post of 2020 and of course back then I had no idea what the year would bring. It's weird thinking about it that way. I mean of course you don't know what lies ahead. Year end and year beginnings are always a bit nostalgic for me. Looking back at a year and the various months, seasons and what happened and changed. And then there is the new year, a new clean slate and ready to start over and create a new story. Well, let's see what 2021 brings and what kind of year it will be. Let's hope it's a good one or at least better than 2020. 

Last week was another short work week for me. Monday to Wednesday were regular days and then Thursday was 1/2 a day for New Year's Eve and then off Friday to Sunday. We went for an early dinner at Chuck's for delicious steak and lobster tails. So good! Then hung out at Two Steps for a bit before coming home and watching TV. Tuned into Anderson Cooper's New Year's Eve coverage on CNN this year which was way more entertaining than Ryan Seacrest so we'll need to do that again next year.

Friday we slept in and then went for lunch at Flipside in Fairfield. Saturday we headed to Rizzuto's in Westport and yesterday just had lunch locally at Rosy's since the weather forecast was a bit iffy with ice and snow. Only ended up with about an inch and a half of snow so not too bad. Binged a bunch of the second season of the Mandalorian yesterday and now just have 2 episodes to go. We have been switching between the various streaming services (HBO Max, Disney+, Apple, etc) and signing up for a month at time, watching what we want to watch and then cancelling again. The only thing we regularly subscribe to is Netflix and Amazon Prime as we do use those very frequently. 

Well, that's about all there's for now. A normal regular work week this week. Kind of weird to be back to a normal five day week with no days off in the foreseeable future. Well maybe eventually travel will be a thing again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Our 20 year wedding anniversary is in February this year. Originally we had talked about a far flung trip, something like Bora Bora or Tahiti or maybe the Maldives or Mauritius. But yeah, not really seeing that happening. We will just have to postpone it and go when we actually can go. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Celia/MA and Eunice/Malta. 

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