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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Let's meet Bailey

IMG_20161113_132013Please meet Bailey, the newest addition to our household. :) Isn't she a cutie?

We adopted her yesterday from a shelter on Long Island (Forgotten Friends of Long Island) We originally heard about the shelter through a friend and had intended on adopting a black and white cat. But when we got there the cat we had picked out wasn't very social at all. She hissed at us and turned her back. I tried to bond with her a little bit but it just wasn't happening.

So we looked around the room and met all the other cats they have for adoption. As we made our way around the room I saw a cute brown tabby. The minute I went up to her she started purring and rubbed her face on me. She was super affectionate and really cute. Her name was China and she had been found on the street in Flushing/Queens and been at the shelter for 4 years. So we decided to adopt her instead of the black and white one. 

Her name is now Bailey. I just couldn't keep her name as China. All I can think about when I hear that is Trump saying "China". So we changed her name and she's now Bailey. :) I think she's ok with that. :)     

She settled in well when we brought her home. Walked out of the carrier and went and explored, used the litter box and ate. She is definitely getting comfortable and seems happy. Not too sure about the other cats yet. But we will see how it goes. That always takes time. I didn't introduce them till a little later but so far every time she's seen them there's been hissing, growling and stand-offs. But yeah, it just takes time. There will have to be some fights before they settle into a routine. Hopefully they can be friends down the road. Fingers crossed. :)

But really, so far so good. Considering she doesn't know us she has been very trusting and sweet. She seems happy with her new surroundings, slept on the bed for a while last night, even jumped on my lap at one point for a minute. I think once she gets to be more comfortable she will be a good addition to our current cat family. :)   

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Eloine/NY and Bianca/Germany.

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Welcome, Bailey

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