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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Daylight Savings, The Oscars, Niagara on the Lake, ..

FB_IMG_1673619433851Halfway through March, I really don't know where the time is going lately. Today was a snow day here and while it literally snowed on and off all day and sometimes quite big flakes it never really stuck. We probably got about half an inch to an inch and mostly it was covering the grass and some other areas but never the roads. I am not complaining but the way everybody was acting you would think we had a blizzard. I am guessing because we haven't had much of a winter this year with barely any snow everybody is craving a "snow day" or something. Businesses ended up closing and all, it was really bizarre. Areas north of us did get quite a lot of snow. I saw on the news that some areas of the Berkshires got as much as 3 feet of snow. Yikes. Knock on wood we really have been lucky here in my corner of CT this winter while a lot of areas all over the US have been blanketed in snow. And of course poor southern CA and all the rain. It's been nuts.

Well anyway, other than that not too much going on. Switched to Daylight Savings time this past weekend and I am never a huge fan of losing an hour of sleep so still dealing with that. I do like that it's light out later but I feel like it doesn't really help much in March. I would prefer to have light in the morning when I get up. But I guess you can't make everybody happy.

This past Sunday were the Oscars and as usual we watched them and I thought they were pretty good. Lots of moving emotional acceptance speeches and some nice moments overall.

Other than that not too much else new really. Been going to physical therapy for my shoulder but need to do better with doing my exercises at home.

Oh in other fun news we booked a 2 night getaway over Easter weekend (Fr to Sun) to Niagara on the Lake. I am really excited about that. We actually had a trip to there booked for Easter of 2020 but that obviously fell through with the pandemic and the  border to Canada being closed. But we are finally rebooked and going April 7 to 9 this year. Yay. :)

Mail Update: All caught up! 

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