Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Hello From Austria

IMG_20220906_215554_853Hello September .. hello Austria. Of course it was busy the rest of last week as I was preparing for leaving for Austria. Saturday we went to Rizzuto's for lunch and Sunday was my travel day. Of course as it seems to always go these days my flight was delayed. Ended up with 1 hour 25 min delay before we even left for the airport (which was the only blessing) Delay was due to a delay with the incoming aircraft. All in all I guess I was lucky as the flight was cancelled completely the day before. 

It ended up being a day of delays and everything taking longer than it should. JFK was a mess but I guess it was to be expected on a holiday weekend. The check in line took forever as did the security line. Total madhouse. The flight itself was relatively uneventful but my connecting flight to Vienna also ended up being delayed. And it took forever for the luggage to get off loaded in Vienna but luckily I did get my luggage so all in all everything ended up fine, just took much longer than it should have. 

My jetlag has been a pain too but I guess it is what it is. I had the day off today which was nice. Even nicer since the weather was beautiful. Went for a walk with my mom and also spent some time sitting outside. Also accompanied her to her speech therapy session and all in all had a really nice day. Watched a neat nature documentary on Cornwall with her at night as well. 

Tomorrow I have a 1/2 day and will need to work from 6-10pm (12-4pm EST) and then working the rest of week (Thur/Fr) But I do already have plans for the weekend with a couple of friends in Vienna on Saturday and in Salzburg on Sunday. The weather is supposed to get more unstable and a bit cooler starting tomorrow but I guess we'll see how it goes. I am here for three weeks so there are bound to be some up and downs with the weather while I am here. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Goodbye August

Pixlr_20220831213923661How is it September tomorrow? How did that happen? I guess I have been wishing away the summer all summer long with being so busy at work. And somehow the summer did fly by I guess even though it didn't always feel or seem that way along the way. 

Anyway here we are. August 31. Not really all that much new. Was another busy week. On Saturday we went for a walk at Tarrywile Park in Danbury which was nice and then had lunch at Rizzuto's. And after that met up with our friends John and Jana at Centrico. It was Centrico's last day, kind of sad but at least all the staff we know and care about will be at their other location in Newtown, the Quarter. 

Sunday we had brunch at Broken Symmetry which was nice. Perfect weather for sitting outside. Went to Dr. Mike's for ice cream afterwards and then went to the Quarter before going home and catching up on TV. Finished the Orville and now started the 2nd season of "Upload". 

Just trying to finish up things and trying to get ready for leaving for Austria this coming Sunday. That has also come up way faster than I thought it would. 

And besides all that I am also worried about our cat Mindy. To be fair she has been hanging in there longer than we thought. She is severely anemic and there isn't really anything to be done about it. The underlying cause is likely some type of cancer or other disease, nothing that can be cured. We have been giving her steroid shots and it seems to perk her up for a little while so hopefully it will work again this time, fingers crossed. The earliest appointment I could get her is Tuesday next week so Mike will take her as I will already be in Austria. Keep her in your thoughts for me! 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Another week

FB_IMG_1531271692905And here we are another week later.Really not all that much has happened I suppose. Another busy pretty standard week. Today is Saturday and we went to Rizzuto's in Westport for lunch and now just chilling at Edison in Bethel for a bit. 

Started watching "The Gilded Age" on HBO Max. I think I am up to episode 4 now. Has anybody else watched it? It was created by the same person who created Downton Abbey and I can certainly see the similarities. Enjoying it so far. Mike and I have been watching the new season of the Orville which has also been fun. Completely different of course. :) 

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the movies to see "Emily the Criminal" (new movie starring Aubrey Plaza) followed by lunch and then probably catching up on some TV. 

It's barely 2 weeks now until I leave for Austria. Time is just flying by. Crazy. 

All in all I am just tired. I feel like it's been a long and busy summer but then that's just how it goes in the relocation industry I suppose. I do have some time off to look forward to while in Austria so that should be a bit of a relief. :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Winery Weekend

Pixlr_20220814183643277Ugh.Skipped a week with updating so here we are two weeks later. I don't know how that happens. Been dealing with a crazy heatwave that finally broke this past week. This weekend has been beautiful in the low to mid 80ies with almost no humidity which was a nice relief from the crazy 90ies and high humidity we had for a week and a half. 

Not really all that much else new to report. August 3rd we had a work happy hour at Stanziato's which was a lot of fun. Other than that it's just been the same old stuff. Last weekend was crazy hot so we didn't do much. I think we just had lunch at Rizzuto's on Saturday and on Sunday we went to see "Bullet Train" (new Brad Pitt movie) which was pretty fun and entertaining. 

This weekend we went to Sherwood Island for a nice walk on Saturday and then lunch at Rizzutos's. Later I made some yummy food for myself at home and chilled. And today we did a winery Sunday, going to Gouveia Vineyards and Paradise Hill Vineyards. Stopped at Jersey Mike's on the way there so we had some tasty sandwiches to snack on. Was the perfect weather to hang out for a while and sit outside. 

And now we are at the Quarter in Newtown. Just hanging out before heading home and continuing watching "The Orville". We also binged the second season of "The Flight Attendant" on HBO recently which was a lot of fun. 

Otherwise not that much new. Just plugging along. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Hopkins Inn Lunch ... and general updates

IMG_20220731_191846_055Almost August. This year is truly just flying by. I don't want to be wishing away the summer but at the same time I am looking forward to fall/autumn and hopefully work calming down a little once we get past the peak summer season. I also just booked my next trip to Austria. I will be gone September 4 to 26, 3 weeks straight. I will be working for a good amount of time while there, probably about half of the time, and taking time off for the rest of the time. So September will be a blur, that's for sure. 

Not too much else new. Tuesday night I had a massage appointment which was nice (signing up for the membership at Massage Envy in 2020 was honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself) Other than that it was a regular busy week. 

The weekend was nice and uneventful really. Yesterday we had lunch at Rizzuto's and then stopped at Edison and ended up watching "Back to the Future" when we got home. I hadn't seen that movie in ages so that was fun. 

Today we had lunch at the Hopkins Inn at Lake Waramaug. Always a treat going there. We usually go about once a year and it's always so nice to sit outside on their huge patio/porch overlooking the lake eating delicious food. We had escargot to start (my favorite part is dipping the bread into the garlicky buttery sauce - so good) and I had Cordon Bleu for my entree and a Toblerone Sundae for dessert. Way more than I usually eat for lunch but I have leftovers from the cordon bleu which I think I will devour for dinner. 

We will probably watch some TV in a bit. Not sure what show we are going to start on next. There are still so many that we have been meaning to catch up on. Declensions, decisions. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Heat Wave

FB_IMG_1532201366304HOT ... just too hot. Stuck in a heatwave. It's been in the mid to high 90ies for over a week and I am really over it. I know it's also been a huge problem in the UK and my mom in Austria has also been telling me about the heat. Ugh. 

But I know that come winter I will be complaining how cold I am and how much I hate the snow and the ice. So yeah, it is what it is right? I guess will just need to deal with it. It does worry me, the more crazy extremes we are all experiencing these days. Ugh. 

It's been a busy week but I guess that was pretty much expected after having been off for a few days. 

Other than that not too much new. Mindy is in a bit of a downward spiral again unfortunately but it's hard to tell how much the heat is also contributing to it. We brought her to the vet on Friday afternoon to get another steroid shot. Hopefully once the heat dies down a bit she will start to feel better. Please keep your fingers crossed for my Mindy cat! 

This weekend was pretty uneventful with the heat. We went to Rizzuto's for lunch on Saturday and today we went for lunch to Hurricane in Newburgh. Traffic was pretty awful on the way back and took us forever to get back to CT. We met up with our friends John and Jana at Centrico and soon going to be heading home and will catch up on some TV. 

And well tomorrow is Monday again. I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday night so I am looking forward to that. Other than that nothing else really going on. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Staycation Update

IMG_20220714_173532_649Already to the middle of July. Not sure how we got here but as usual time is flying by. Busy first half of the week and IMG_20220715_153128_087 then had Thursday and Friday off for a mini staycation. Had a nice few days even though they of course flew by as well. 

Thursday we took a day trip out to Eastern Connecticut and had lunch at Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT (delicious French bistro) and from there headed to Stonington, CT (right at the Rhode Island border) Checked out the lighthouse and then went to Saltwater Farm Vineyard. Hung out there for a while with some more wine. Definitely a fun day. Super delicious lunch (I had Croque Madame and we shared pommes frites) and great wine. And our way home we stopped at the Quarter in Newtown and ran into our friend Patrick which was fun. 

Yesterday, Friday, we headed into NYC. Took the train to Grand Central and went to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) to check out the new Matisse exhibit. After the museum we had lunch at the Yardhouse and eventually headed back to Grand Central and stopped at Centrico in Bethel before heading home. 

Two busy but fun days. This morning we slept in nice and late which was relaxing. Lunch at Rizzzuto's and now we are at Edison for a bit. Tomorrow I think we are going to see the new Marvel Thor movie so that should be fun. 

Not ready for the weekend to end but it's only Saturday night so there's still tomorrow to savor before it's back to the grind. :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Eunice/Malta and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

4th of July and other random things

Pixlr (1)Ok my posting is all of out whack again. I need to get back into a better routine. So let's see what has happened in the last two weeks that I can recap? 

The last week of June was super busy at work, basically the week leading up to the 4th of July holiday. Historically it's always the busiest week of the year I think and this year wasn't any different. This summer season is definitely the craziest summer I have seen since working in this industry. Crazy times all around.

The holiday weekend itself was good. Let's see what did we do? Saturday I think we didn't really do too much, just lunch at Rizzuto's and a relaxed day. Sunday we went to the Mets game in NY and that was a long but fun day. We took the train into Manhattan and then the subway out to Queens to the stadium. The game was fun and the Mets won. But sitting in the hot sun for that many hours was definitely tiring. After the game we headed back into Manhattan and hung out at the Yardhouse in Times Square for a while before catching the train back. I don't think we got home until after 11 so yeah like I said a long and tiring day but definitely fun. On Monday (the 4th) we decided to take it easy and had lunch at Hurricane Grill in Newburgh. And finished "Stranger Things" that evening. So good! 

And now a whole week has already passed again. This was another busy week at work. I think just the fact that it was the week after the holiday plus a lot of people on vacation. Well oh well. Yesterday, Saturday, we had lunch at Rizzuto's again and today we are going to take advantage of the nice, no humidity sunny weather and are going for a walk/hike followed by lunch. And maybe a stop at a winery afterwards. Should be a good day. 

This coming week I also have Thursday and Friday off (mini vacation) so that should be good. No solid plans yet. It will be a staycation with some daytrips. We looked at places to go but everything is so expensive in the summer and too crowded. And flights just seem a pain right now too. Every other person I talk to has canceled flights lately. So yeah, just going to stay put and so some stuff around here. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Heat Wave Weekend - Roe vs. Wade - what is happening???

Pixlr_20220626180148242 (1)Yes here we are again, Sunday evening. I am so not ready for another week. Ugh. Just need to make it through next week and then the week after will be the holiday week and since the 4th of July falls on a Monday this year we will have a short work week that week so that's something. 

Nothing really to report for this week. Work was super busy as usual. Well, there is the whole Roe vs. Wade being overturned debacle of course. That's a whole mess all in itself and I don't even have words. I really don't even know what to say and don't know what is happening with this country. It's crazy. 

Not too much else to report really. This weekend was fine but way too hot, in the 90ies (F). So we didn't really do anything. Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's and met up with our friend John there. Hung out for a while and finished up at Edison in Bethel. And eventually went home and watched "The Man from Toronto" on Netflix. Wasn't the best movie ever but oh well. 

Today we slept in and had brunch at Marketplace in Brookfield. And now we are at Centrico and going to start the new season of "Umbrella Academy" . Finished up the current episodes of "Stranger Things" last weekend. There is just so much to watch. We still need to watch the last season of "Dickensen" and also the new season of "Upload", "The Flight Attendant", "Ted Lasso" and more. 

Next week will be another busy week at work I am sure. One day at a time. :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA and Kimber/Halifax. 

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Random Stuff

Pixlr_20220619165708766Yup you guessed it. It's Sunday evening again. Why, oh why? The weekend was nice though.  No complaints. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Rizzutos for lunch.  And had a nice relaxed evening at home. Also watched another episode of Stranger Things. Two more to go from this latest batch which we will finish tonight.  

Today, Sunday, we went for a walk at Tarrywile (local park) to get some fresh air and exercise. Weather was nice,  a bit cool and windy,  but sunny and overall pleasant. Then we headed to Flipside in Fairfield for lunch. 

So really nothing all that much new to report. Was another busy week at work but that's pretty much going to continue until at least the fall I imagine. 

This upcoming week is the first day of summer I think.  Summer Solstice. Crazy to think we are already almost halfway through the year. Seriously, where does all of the time go?? 

I have a week of vacation time in mid July but not really sure what I will do with it yet. There is the possibility I may go visit a friend in the UK but it all depends on schedules lining up. Otherwise I may come up with something in the US. Guess we will see how it turns out.

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Nina/WA and Kimber/Halifax. 

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