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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

North Fork Birthday Getaway

Yup really behind with my updating once again but do have some free time this morning so figured I should try and get caught up. :) Last thing I posted about was the Garlic Festival. Really not that much to report after that I suppose. The week after that was pretty uneventful, usual work stuff. Trying to remember what we did on the weekend. Oh yeah, Saturday (15th) the weather was pretty nice and we went for a walk at Sherwood Island at the beach before having lunch at Rizzuto's. And I think Sunday we went to see a movie. Trying to remember, oh yeah, "Don't Worry Darling". Was a decent movie, not amazing but not bad either. After the movies we had lunch at NewSylum. Always delicious pizza for sure.

And the following week was another normal, busy work week. Saturday (22nd) we met up with Robin & Ashley at Rizzuto's which was a lot of fun. We always say we need to make plans to meet up more often but then it doesn't seem to happen. But either way it's always fun to see them and catch up.

And that brings us to Sunday (23rd) and the start of little birthday getaway. We started the day off with breakfast at Elmer's, always very yum. And after a quick stop at Starbucks from there started our drive to the North Fork of Long Island. Went all the way out to the furthest winery Kontokosta and got there around 11.30 or so. The weather was dry for most of our drive but the rain started soon after we got there. Been raining on and off, sometimes more, sometimes less for the whole time we have been here. Oh well. It does seem to have stopped now so we should at least be able to drive back without rain later today which is good.

After Kontokosta we headed to One Woman but unfortunately due to the rain they didn't really have anywhere to sit as they have a super tiny tasting room so we just bought a bottle of Gruener to bring home. :) Then went on to Lenz which is always nice. Got a bottle to enjoy with some cheddar and olive oil crackers. They had the door open but we were inside and could watch the rain dripping down outside, kind of cozy. From there we went on to Bedell. Got a couple of glasses and sat outside on their covered deck. It was a bit chilly I have to say but still nice to hang out for a while. Last stop of the day was Coffeepot where we got to see Laura & Beasley the pug. He is so old now but it's always a pleasure to see them both. Hung out there for a while before driving to our hotel. This time we are staying at the Hyatt Place instead of the Indigo because the Indigo's pricing was through the roof for some reason. The Hyatt doesn't have a real bar but there is a restaurant/bar called "Jerry and the Mermaid" literally next door so it's been fine.

Yesterday, Monday, for my actual birthday we started the day at a bagel place with a delicious hearty breakfast. From there we went on to Pellegrini Vineyards and hung out there for a while and then stopped into Ev&Em which is the old Laurel Lakes vineyard but rebranded. They are now all about sustainability which is neat. We also met somebody who used to work at One Woman and recognized us which was fun. From there we headed to Osprey which was super quiet, I guess being a Monday and all. Stopped at Coffeepot one more time to pick up some jam and also got to meet Adam, Laura's husband and winemaker, which was fun. After that we were off to dinner. The original plan was to have a seafood dinner at A Lure but when we got there we realized they had switched over to their fall hours and weren't open on Mondays. So instead we went to their sister restaurant A Mano. Had a yummy dinner before heading back to the hotel.

And here we are, Tuesday morning, just catching up with my blog. In a bit we will head back to the bagel place for breakfast and then pick up some more wine to bring home and stop into one or two more wineries before heading back to CT. Not ready to face reality just yet but we do still have today to enjoy before it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Mail Update: All caught up with my my mail.

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