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Thursday, December 18, 2003


Had an ok day at work yesterday and today.
We had our Christmas luncheon at work today. We got some food catered for everybody. We had lasagna, tortellini, baked ziti, chicken, rice and some other things. It was alright. The chocolate cookies I had for dessert were very yummy though. :)

After work my friend Sharon picked me up and we went to
Rosy Tomorrow's.
Had yummy potato skins as an appetizer and a Swiss Mushroom Burger for dinner. Still have some left for my lunch tomorrow. Yum. :)

After I got home I saw that Sharon's Christmas gift had arrived in the mail. I was kind of annoyed that it didn't come a day earlier so I could give it to her today.
Went to see Nanny after Mike got home and just finished watching "
How to lose a guy in 10 days". Definitely a very cute movie. :)

I am so glad it's Friday tomorrow and I am off this weekend as well. So that means sleeping in Saturday and Sunday. Yay. :)

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