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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July

So we put half of our new entertainment center together yesterday. :) I figured I'll take a picture of it to show our progress. So far it does look very nice. Of course it took quite a while to put all the pieces together and actually make it look like something recognizable. I always feel like putting together a puzzle when we do these things. :)
If you want take a look here to see what it should look like once we put together the rest. I am sure it will look just fine.
We are still working on rearranging some things and trying to figure out what the best place for some things is. Once the whole entertainment unit is up we will take another close look and make the final decisions.

So I hope everybody is enjoying their 4th of July picnics today. :) Mike actually surprised me with a dinner at the nearby Hopkins Inn in New Preston, CT. It is owned by an Austrian and features such dishes as Wienerschnitzel (breaded veal cutlet) and Backhendel (breaded crispy chicken). They also have some seafood and other yummy things so Mike won't have to go home hungry either. :) We were lucky to get a last minute 7 pm dinner reservation so I am looking forward to that. Yum. :)

Before I sign off for today I am going to post a link to Dave Barry's column for today. It's absolutely hilarious and oh so true so go and read it. :)

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