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Saturday, July 03, 2004

More questions

Act your age? Not always. :)

Born on what day of the week? Wednesday

Chore you hate? Cleaning the kitty litter .. oh and laundry of course.

Dad’s name? Werner

Essential makeup item? I'm not big on makeup ... I do like lip gloss.

Favorite actor? Too many. Matthew McConaughey is hot. :) Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor.

Gold or silver? Silver

Hometown? Vienna, Austria

Instruments you play? None.

Job title? Customer Service Supervisor

Kids? None, just our two cats. :)

Living arrangements? With my husband in our own home in suburban CT.

Mom’s name? Eveline

Need? More self esteem

Overnight hospital stays? A few

Phobias? Spiders - can't stand them. And bugs.

Quote you like? "Dance like noone is watching and love like it's never going to hurt"

Religious affiliation? None

Siblings? None

Time you wake up? Usually 6:30 during the week

Unique talent? Mmm ....

Worst habit? Being messy, leaving the dishes in the sink

X-rays you’ve had? Teeth, lungs, legs

Yummy food you make? Italian - Pasta con Broccoli and Manicotti

Zodiac Sign? Scorpio

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