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Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom !

I know .. I know ... I promised to post more often but of course haven't gotten around to it all last week.
Work has been busy although I got lucky and hired a new employee on the spot on Monday. I have been busy training her ever since. It's always a lot of work to train somebody new but she seems to be catching on so let's hope for the best.
It's my mom's birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. :)
The weather is miserable today. It's actually sleeting and snowing although it isn't sticking to the ground which is good. Yucky weather. :(
Only good thing is that I am off this weekend so I am lucking forward to a lazy Saturday and Sunday. We don't have anything planned which sounds just perfect to me. I do have to answer my emails and letters so maybe I'll curl up with a big mug of tea, light some candles and write some letters.
Hope everybody had a good week. I'll truly try and post more often from now on. - we'll see. :)

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Enjoy your quiet weekend. We're going out tonight to a dinner, but the rest of the weekend is free! Yes!!

Posted by: Cassie-b | Nov 12, 2004 6:01:11 PM

Happy Birthday Hannas mum!!!!!!

Posted by: jo | Nov 13, 2004 7:02:18 AM

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