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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Isn't it nice ?

Rockingchair While I was at work today Mike put together my rocking chair. It was Mike's birthday present to me but we just haven't had time yet to put it together.

I am definitely very happy with it - always wanted to have a rocking chair. To me they represent coziness, calmness and relaxation. Now all I need is a Thomas Kinkade painting to hang on the wall above it and I'm all set. :)

I know ...I know .. I am never happy .. but hey isn't dreaming half the fun ? ;)

Either way I am very happy with my new rocking chair and hope to spend lots of relaxed evenings in it. Even just looking at it it gives our livingroom a really nice touch. I think everybody should own a rocking chair. :)

During my lunch break today I managed a trip to the post office and was able to mail all my international Christmas gifts. One more thing checked off my list. :) I am gonna try and write most of my domestic Christmas cards tomorrow and then I should be almost set. .... until I think of the one last minute thing that I forgot (I seem to do that every year and have to scramble last minute to get it together)

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Very nice :) Looks much better put together than in the box :) lol.

I see you found a place for it. I am not sure how ollie will feel if you tried putting him on your lap whilst rocking.

Are you going to ask Mike for a fireplace next year? lol

Posted by: jo | Dec 5, 2004 4:47:56 AM

I hope you spend many hours enjoying your rocking chair. I find mine a great place to read.


Posted by: Cassie-b | Dec 5, 2004 8:39:33 AM

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