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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Another beautiful day

This weekend has turned to be really nice. It's perfect, sunny and warm outside. My cat Ollie was sitting on the couch all day yesterday, looking outside and feeling the slight breeze on his fur. He was absolutely content.
I enjoyed the day as well, relaxing from a long week at work. Really didn't do much, talked to my mom on the phone for a while, making plans for our Europe trip next month. Yes, yes you heard right. We finalized our plans for our trip and booked our flights - I am SO excited. :)

Here is our itinerary:
Wed., May 11th: NY-London
Tues, May 17th: London-Vienna
Mon, May 23rd: Vienna-NY

I was looking through some websites yesterday, looking for things to do while we are in England. Let me tell you, there are plenty of options and of course way more things to do than we have time for. But hey, there's always next time right ? :)

England will be our "sightseeing portion" of the trip. Besides visiting with my best friend Joanne (can't wait to see her new house) we'll probably spend most of our time out and about looking at castles, gardens, towns, drinking lots of tea and browsing through shops.

Austria is a different story. It's not really a sightseeing trip, more a visiting friends and family trip. I haven't been back home in almost 2 years now so it should be fun to be back and try and see as many people as possible. It's always difficult to squeeze everyone in especially in such a short amount of time but I am sure it will be fun anyway. It's always good to be back, visit familiar places, meet up with friends, eat familiar foods I can't get in the US and just enjoy hanging out.

Not too much else new really. Enjoying another beautiful day today, took a ride to get some lunch and am back home now. Probably gonna relax, maybe sit outside on the front step and write some letters. Will see how the day develops.

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