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Sunday, January 01, 2006

On the road again ...

Arkansas Just a short update from the road. We are in Little Rock, Arkansas right now. Tomorrow we will be in Texas already. It doesn't really seem like we have went anywhere even though I know we have done two days of driving already. Last night we were in Cincinnati, Ohio which was nice. We went to a yummy Italian restaurant called Bella's. I had the best Chicken Parmesan - ever. A very nice New Year's.

Little Rock is very dead tonight. We went downtown which actually looks pretty nice but NOTHING was open. The hotel is really dead too. The accent that people are having is funny too. Welcome to the South y'all :)

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Happy travels and Happy New Year!

Posted by: Leslie | Jan 2, 2006 7:09:39 PM

Happy New Year! Have a great time on the road.

Posted by: Lena | Jan 2, 2006 8:49:31 PM

Hope y'all had a great new year..lol

I bet they thought y'all were mad driving all that way when they saw your CT plates on your car!

Posted by: jo | Jan 3, 2006 1:25:06 PM

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