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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Travels to the very back of the closet

Countryhatboxes Today was my day off and I decided to get up around 10:30. Actually was woken up at about 10 when the DHL delivery guy rang the doorbell. My friend Nicole from Austria sent me super yummy gingerbread from Nuernberg. YUM. :)

Managed to write two letters, had lunch, cuddled with my cat Ollie, .. Then around 2 Mike picked me up and dropped me off at the mall. I was on a mission to find some shoes to wear at the wedding of my friend Nicola in England. So I walked all around the mall for about 2 hours ... no shoes. I was getting really frustrated. I have to add that I am one of those rare girls that hates shoe shopping. I am picky and just couldn't find anything I liked. So I finally gave up and started shopping for random things on sale instead. :) Ended up with a pair of PJs (I love buying PJs - somewhat of an obsession I guess), a cute handbag I can wear at the wedding and some other small stuff.

At 5 I met my friend Sharon at the mall and we headed to Olive Garden. Had some yummy pasta. When I got home I started to look through my closet to see what shoes I had. As I rummaged through a bunch of stuff I uncovered a variety of shoes that I haven't seen in years. I found at least 3 pairs that I can choose from for the wedding so I should be all set. I guess I'll probably go with the most simple ones, just regular black dress shoes. I also have a dark blue pair of sandals (don't think it will go with my red dress) and another black pair of sandals that I am not sure will go either. I'll have to take pictures so you guys can see and tell me what you think. :)

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It is so nice to find out that another female on this planet doesn't like to shop for shoes. :-D

Posted by: Empress_W. | Jan 20, 2006 12:21:05 AM

Yay - you found some shoes!

Posted by: Sharon | Jan 20, 2006 6:37:54 PM

Hanna, you have a pj obsession!!! Everytime i go shopping with you, you buy another pair of pj's....and you just bought more?!!

Posted by: jo | Jan 21, 2006 12:39:07 PM

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