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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Alles Walzer (Let's waltz)

Operaball06_1 On days like today I start to get a little homesick. It was the day of the Vienna Opera Ball today and not that I have ever been to the Opera Ball but it still brings back memories. It's a big tradition and actually celebrated its 50th year anniversary this year. Here's a link to the article on Yahoo News. I used to enjoy watching it on TV. It's such a big social event in Austria and everyone that is even remotely famous usually attends it. The newspapers and magazines are full of coverage talking about who is attending and what they will be wearing and so forth. I guess you can kind of compare it to the Oscar's in the US in a way. Just with more culture. ;)Lugnerelectra

This year everything was Mozart themed apparently since it's the Mozart year. And Richard Lugner (real estate entrepreneur and Viennese socialite) of course invited a famous guest. He is known for inviting a famous guest every year and the papers always speculate who it will be. This year it was Carmen Electra. In former years he invited Geri Halliwell, Pamela Anderson, Andie McDowell and Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson.

While flipping through pictures on the Austrian news site I also came across pictures of Fiona Swarovski. The tiaras of the girls that were opening the ball were made by Swarovski this year as well. So pretty !!!

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We also enjoyed watching it this year. It's always very special seeing all this beautiful flower decoration and the different fashionable clothes. Lot's of fun.

Posted by: Mom and Dad | Feb 24, 2006 3:37:30 AM

Hey Hanna,
Everyone around the world has gone Mozart-crazy since this year is the 250th Anniversary of his birth. Every musical ensemble that I know of, including the ones I am in, has done or will be doing something composed by Mozart. Since he's usually so popular, I have to wonder if he'll be present at all next year. :-D

Posted by: Empress_W. | Feb 27, 2006 9:15:39 AM

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