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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's only Tuesday ...

It's been a hectic two days. I have a hard time believing it's only Tuesday. Well, the good news is that everything went ok with my mom's surgery. Thanks for all your well wishes. She's still in the hospital, they don't know for sure when they will release her, but at least she is back in the regular room and everything seems ok.

Work has been crazy busy. A mixture of call outs from my own department and the drivers so the other supervisors ended up being on the road both days. I hate when I am the only supervisor stuck in the office dealing with all the craziness that happens. It doesn't look much more promising for tomorrow but we will see I guess.

Received a letter from Barbara/Linz and mailed a letter to Kristy/Georgia. So I still have 11 more letters to do. I promise I'll catch up eventually.

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