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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anne of Green Gables

Not that exciting of a day but all in all a nice relaxing Saturday. Got up pretty late (noon-ish) and headed out to the library. I renewed my library card and got "Anne of Green Gables". I have read it a long time ago when I was younger and even own a copy, but it's in German. So I thought I would read it in English and refresh my memory of the story since we'll be heading to Prince Edward Island in only two weeks time.

Got lunch after the library and then headed home. Spent most of the afternoon reading and then made dinner. Made a dish that I had seen on the Food Network about a week ago. Roman Chicken and potatoes & onions. Took about an hour to make but came out pretty yummy. Might make it again.

After dinner decided to read some more. Mike's watching the baseball game on TV and when that's over we are probably going to watch a movie.

Tomorrow will have to be more productive. I have about ten letters I need to reply to I think plus want to put out my fall decorations and maybe die my hair (the red has faded quite a lot so it would be good to refresh it). Well, we will see ... hopefully I'll be able to accomplish all those things. :)

Short mail update. Received letters and need to reply to: Alex/Germany, Lene/UK, Celia/MA, Erika/Italy, Natalia/Poland, Lexi/DC, Nicki/Australia, Jessica/DE and Angela/VA.

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I worked sat afternoon.. didn't see you though. Hm.

Posted by: dinka | Sep 18, 2006 2:09:37 PM

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