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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ready to go ?

I thought this Garfield cartoon was very cute and very fitting. This is what ALWAYS happens to me when I am trying to read a book or write letters or anything else like that. It usually only takes Oliver a few minutes to figure out that I am sitting on the couch with a blanket over my lap. Cats ! :)

So we're all packed (as always I am wodnering what I am forgetting). We are going to leave for the airport in a little less than an hour. Gonna try and get there early so we can make sure we have enough time to sit down, have a bite to eat and still get through security stress-free.

Short mail update. Since my last update letters went out to: Syvill/PA, Celia/MA, Jo/UK and Lotte/Denmark. Still owe replies to: Michelle/Winnipeg, Nova/UT, Alex/Germany, Nadine/Tenerife, Lene/UK, Tiffany/OK, Charles/TN, Melanie/OH, Tizz/Holland and Lexi/DC. Hope I am not forgetting anyone.

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Happy and safe travels!

Posted by: Leslie | Dec 7, 2006 11:21:34 AM

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