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Sunday, May 20, 2007

And another weekend gone by

Another Sunday evening. All the weeks just seem to blend into each other these days. Today actually turned out pretty nicely weather-wise. Saturday was pretty dreary and cool with showers throughout the day. Today was partly cloudy and pretty nice.

I found out today that my dad has to have surgery early next week. Everything should hopefully be ok so I am just concentrating on that. Looks like it's gonna be a busy week all around next week. The week before a major holdiday is usually pretty busy. Memorial Day is one week from tomorrow so this week should be filled dealing with schedule/route changes, making sure we can accomodate all of our customer's requests and mostly just keeping a sane mind. It looks like I might actually get a 3 day weekend for the holiday but we will see. Don't want to get my hopes up just yet. ;)

Mail Update: Since my last update letters have gone out to: Lotte/Denmark and Carmen/Germany. Letters going out tomorrow to: Tizz/Denmark, Natalia/Poland, Kirsty/UK and Becki/MI. Received letters from/owe replies to: Nadine/Tenerife, Nina/WA, Alex/Spain, Eunice/Malta, Lene/UK, Jetta/Finland, Sarah/Canada, Michelle/Canada and Cheryl/Mauritius.

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