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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please let me snap out of this mood

Just a short post while I am waiting for Mike to finish up here at work. It's been somewhat of an annoying day and I am just trying to snap out of the mood I am in. I am just plain cranky. I guess it all started this morning when I got to work and realized that I wouldn't be able to leave at noon as planned. I am working 1/2 a day on Saturday so was planning on taking the afternoon off today to make up for it. Well, needless to say things didn't go as planned.

So anybody waiting for a letter .... I am really sorry I am so behind. I totally was planning on catching up with a bunch of mail this afternoon. I really want to catch up so I can stop being constantly behind with my mail but this week just hasn't helped. I am already at 40 hours and it's only Thursday. Oh well ... such is life I suppose.

Mail Update: Since my last update I wrote letters to: Lotte/Denmark (still need to mail it though). Received letters from/owe replies to: Charmaine/Malta, Syvil/PA, Nicki/OZ, Carmen/Malta, Steff/Maine, Carmen/Germany, Charles,TN, Jessica/DE, Kimber/Canada, Nina/WA, Alex/Spain and Cheryl/Mauritius.  *** I am probably missing somebody ... I will edit this when I get home ***

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