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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Busy as always

100_2720_2 I know I haven't updated in ages ... somehow time is just flying and I don't even know where it is going. I have been both really busy and somewhat not so busy at work. I know that makes no sense at all.

I have been mostly involved with training the replacement for one of the guy's in my department who is leaving at the end of this month (next week). It's a very training intense position and I am truly sad to see him go but he is moving down to Georgia to be closer with his kids so it's all for a good reason anyway.

We have had several nights out and have a few more things planned for next week so it will be another busy week. Plus I will be really busy with the schools coming back from vacation and Labor Day coming up the week after. So I can definitely guarantee a busy week. Oh and Wednesday we are going to the taping of the Rachael Ray show I mentioned in my last post. Yay.

I finally uploaded the pictures from my trip to Austria/Switzerland/Italy back in July so you can take a peak here. Enjoy. :)

Mail Update: I am sooo behind on my mail. :( Since the last update letters have gone out to: Kirsty/UK and Carmen/Malta.  Received letters from/owe replies to: Sarah/Canada, Carmen/Germany, Nicki/OZ, Tiffany/OK, Nina/WA, Natalia/Poland, Celia/MA, Lexi/DC, Charles/TN, Barbara/Linz, Alison/UK, Michelle/Canada and Alex/Spain.

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Your pictures, as always, are beautiful. We haven't travelled much lately, but I intend to resign my job within the next 6 months, and I think we'll be taking pictures of interesting places as well.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Posted by: cassie-b | Aug 26, 2007 10:39:30 AM

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