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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Green Chimneys

Emu_2 I am not even going to get into the fact that it has been another long week. By now you all probably expect me to say that. :) I'll keep the bitching to a minimum or at least try to. To sum it all up it's just been very hectic preparing for the upcoming 4th of July holiday along with taking care of everything else. I had a new person start on Thursday as well so I have been wrapped up with that. So far so good.

I am very glad that it's Saturday today. I was able to sleep in and be lazy. My friend Sharon picked me up at 11 and we headed to her workplace, Green Chimneys. For those of you not from this area Green Chimney's is a non-profit organization working with children with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges. It's sort of a sanctuary where troubled children and harmed animals recover together and blossom, laid out on a 150-acre farm in Brewster, New York, sixty miles north of Manhattan.

I was able to meet the founder, Sam Ross, who started Green Chimneys in 1947. Afterwards Sharon took me around the farm so I could see all the cute animals they have there. We saw lots of birds of prey, lamas, emus, cows, pigs, goats and more. Every animal has a story of why it is there. Some for example have suffered head or wing injuries and can never be released into the wild. It was nice to be able to walk around the farm. Afterwards Sharon and I headed to the Candlewood Grille for lunch. I had a very yummy Southwestern Chicken Sandwich.

Not sure what I am going to do for the rest of the day. I am still really behind on my mail and should try to catch up. I also want to read some more of "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. I am about halfway done and so far really like it.

Mail Update: Since the last update a letter went out to:Tiffany/OK and Jessica/DE. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Liana/NY, Nina/WA, Sarah/Canada, Kimber/Canada and Alex/Germany.

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