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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank you America - Yes we can!!!

ObamaI am so happy today that it's even hard to express in words. I finally have hope again that there is a better future out there. I could not believe that this country elected George W. Bush TWICE and was in shock during the 2004 election (see my post from back then) but I am feeling hopeful again. Mike & I were glued to the TV all night last night watching the election results as they came in. I was so excited as some of the swing states went in favor of Obama and the trend seemed to be continuing in his favor.

I am very happy to live in this country right now and am glad to know that the Americans have come together and have decided to do the right thing. I know it's not going to be easy and change won't be immediate but at least there is a chance. I am glad to be part of a historical event like this. I was moved to tears by Obama's victory speech in Chicago, partly by his words and partly by the crowd reaction they were showing all over the country. It also makes you realize what a president should sound like. Listening to Bush for 8 years has really set the bar very low I suppose.

I am very happy to see the reaction across the world to Obama's victory as well. I am happy to know that maybe, just maybe, the US will be able to work together with the rest of the world again.

I am definitely very happy that Obama has won but am somewhat saddened about some other things that happened during the election. California approved a same-sex marriage ban along with some other states. Here's an article about it if you are interested. But I guess every victory tends to be bitter sweet in some respects.

I know some of my friends were McCain supporters and I do respect that. I do hope that this nation can come together though and work towards positive change no matter who you originally supported.

Had the day off from work today and went to lunch with my friend Sharon at Bluu. Had yummy sushi and a salad. Also wrote one letter and caught up with my emails. I orginally wanted to go through some catalogs to get a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping but so far haven't gotten around it.

Mail Update: So far a letter is going out tomorrow to: Tizz/Holland. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Tiffany/OK, Eunice/Malta and Carmen/Malta.

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