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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

And it's already Memorial Day weekend. Worked Saturday but had yesterday and today off. Well today I monitored some things from home for a bit but nothing too major. Last week was absolutely crazy at work. Partly because of the upcoming holiday which always causes issues, trying to explain the schedule, remind people to take extra if they are closed, find alternate solutions for people, etc etc. On top of that we also had a big issue with our internet in one of our satelite offices. We switched to a new internet provider to get a faster connection speed but of course nothing ever works properly when it is first installed. Mike spent almost two entire days in that office just to have to put it all back to its old settings. Will try again next week when they bring us new equipment since they now think it might be their equipment. Go Comcast!

In more fun news, was able to meet up with David from Indiana on Friday in Manchester, CT. He was in Connecticut for a wedding so we finally were able to meet up. Last time he was in the general area (in NYC) I wasn't around (Mike & I were in Austria at the time). I am glad it worked out. Was fun to meet face to face, always neat when you have been talking to someone for a while. Hope we get to do it again some day soon. Mike and I want to go back to Chicago so whenever that happens we should definitely be able to set something up. 

Next up is Charleston, South Carolina. Leaving on Friday and can't wait. :) It's just a 4 night trip, Friday to Tuesday, but it will be nice to be away for a few days. Planning a day trip to Savannah, Georgia as well and might go and tour the Firefly Vodka distillery. Also want to go to Boone Hall Plantation and Magnolia Plantation. Should all be fun.  

Mail Update: Been really bad with my letters lately. :( Received letters from: Celia/MA, Lotte/Denmark, Carmen/Malta, Eunice/Malta, Charles/TN and Sarah/Canada.

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