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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two Steps Chili Cook-Off

Two Steps downtown bar and grille CT_fullHad the whole weekend off which was nice. On Saturday I did some work outside, cleared a bunch of the yard (a lot of the trees which were already on their last breath fell during the freak October snow storm last year) of broken tree limbs, branches and other stuff. Worked for about three hours. Then I came inside and cleaned some stuff in the house. We are getting close to my friend Anneliese's visit so we are using that as an excuse for a good spring clean in the house. :) 

Today we slept in again and then went to the annual chili contest at Two Steps. They had 14 different people making chili so it was fun to taste the different kinds and hang out. Went grocery shopping before that and now we are home catching up on some of our shows. The weather has been god awful all day, cold and rainy, but it doesn't really matter all that much. I know we need the rain. 

Only a few more days until Anneliese gets here. Really excited. :) Not too much else going on otherwise. Friday night we were invited over to one of our bosses' houses which was interesting. Saturday night we went to Bluu and ran into our friends John & Jana by total accident which was fun. Had dinner with them before they went to catch a show at a local theater in Brewster, NY. So all in all it's been a fun few days I suppose. 

 Mail Update: Received letters from: Kimber/Halifax and Lotte/Denmark.


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The weather here has been awful too. My plants were fooled in the lovely march heat we had, but it looks lIke they are almost dead now because they can't cope with temperature changes to the extreme!

Posted by: Jo | Apr 23, 2012 3:07:21 AM

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