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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back to reality - R.I.P. Nanny

WineAnd here we are, back to every day life and reality.  The rest of our stay in Virginia was a lot of fun. Had a nice time. Monday we went to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's estate) and on Tuesday we went to the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond and also the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Wednesday it was back home to CT for us. My parents stayed in Virginia until Saturday and returned home to Austria on Saturday. They are back home now - safe and sound. 

The picture shows all the wine we brought back from Virginia, 34 bottles, in total. We had some Austrian wine my parents brought from Austria, plus some wine my parents bought in the DC area, plus a bunch of wine from local Virginia wineries from wine tasting. We had also ordered 6 bottles of wine from an online special deal  before we knew all of this would happen. So yeah, lots of wine. :)

Had some bad news today. Mike's grandmother passed away. She actually passed away on Tuesday but in a huge mess of things we somehow didn't find out until today. She was in a home and apparently actually died in the hospital but we weren't notified of any of that. She was 90 and had Alzheimer's, had been staying in the home for a while, so even though it's a shock to all of us of course it's different in a way, because we had all been grieving for her in our own way since she got sick and hasn't been home with us. Either way it's of course something we have to deal with and sad in its own way. 

Work's been very busy since we got back. Next week will be busy and difficult in its own way because I will be training a new employee. Let's see how that goes.

Mail Update: Mailed letters to: Lotte/Denmark, Charles/TN and Nina/WA. Still owe a reply to: Jessica/DE.

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