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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Nemo, Broken Hot Water Heater, Anniversary and more

Snow-house-mailboxWhat a week or really what a weekend or end to a week. The beginning of the week was fairly normal and uneventful but the end not so much. Friday brought us a big snowstorm/blizzard called Nemo (actually I think they renamed it Charlotte once it changed to a blizzard from a snowstorm but who cares) that dumped a ton of snow all over the northeast. Danbury got about 21 inches of snow which is just a bit under 2 feet. With the snow drifts due to the wind we had more in some areas and less in others. It was definitely not fun digging ourselves out Saturday morning. When I first walked outside the snow was up to my knees. Fun, fun. 

A lot of areas north of us (Massachusetts, etc.) had even more snow and even other areas in CT. Bridgeport got 30 inches. One of my employees lives there and she sent me pictures of her road which has still not been plowed. Lots of towns are having trouble clearing all the roads so it will probably be a few days before everything is back to normal.

We left work around 1.30-2pm on Friday, worked from home a bit after that. Saturday morning we got up at our regular time and spent about an hour shoveling to dig ourselves out. Decided our road didn't look too great though so we worked from home for most of the day. I had brought all the essential paperwork home on Friday, checked the voicemail at work, etc. We went to the office later in the day to check on things and then out for a bite to eat.

If you are interested in seeing some more snow pictures click here. 

But as if the snow wasn't enough we also had another "fun" event to deal with at home. Friday afternoon we realized that our hot water heater was leaking in the basement. I am glad we found it when we did so not all 75 gallons of water spilled all over the basement floor. Instead we spent 2 hours draining the tank, filling small buckets and emptying them outside (while a blizzard was going on outside). Fun, fun. We now have no hot water. Will run some errands today to try and track down a new tank, find out about installation etc. We will need to figure out how to get the new tank into the house as the back of the house/yard/stairs are all covered in feet of snow and it would take forever to make a path. Hopefully we can get it in through the basement stairs inside the house. In the meantime we will stop by a friend's house to take a hot shower. :)

In more positive news today is our wedding anniversary (12 years). How time flies. :) Will be going to a nice dinner at Chuck's Steakhouse later on tonight.  

Mail Update: Letters went out last Wednesday to: Carmen/Malta and Kimber/Canada. Owe replies to: Nina/WA and Tiffany/OK.

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That does not sound like a fun experience at all! I hope the worst of it is over and you have moved on to much happier events. Having to replace such a vital system can be rough. Last winter I had a very similar experience. Thankfully we were able to quickly get a new water heater installed with only a few days of discomfort. On the plus side the new system has been working great for a year now

Posted by: Sean Carter | Feb 21, 2013 8:41:21 AM

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