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Friday, May 17, 2013

Boston Mini-Break

HouseofBluesA quick update on our 2 days in Boston. Drove up (about 2 1/2 hrs from where we are) Wednesday morning and came back yesterday evening. The drive up was pretty good, on the way back we got stuck in traffic for hours which wasn't any fun. But always seems to happen that way. 

Had a great time during our stay though. Wednesday we had breakfast before we left Danbury, then drove to Cambridge to our hotel. From there we took the T over to Fenway. Had a quick drink at Boston Beer Works before our Fenway tour at 3pm. For any of my friends who read this and aren't from the US, Fenway Park is the oldest baseball park in the country (est. 1912) and therefore has lots and lots of history. It was interesting to walk around the stadium, listen to stories, etc. We also got to walk around inside the press box which was pretty neat. After our tour we stopped in the team store really quick and picked up a little shirt for Jackson (son of our Australian friends Nicki & Damien) whose 1st birthday is coming up very soon. :) 

After that we had dinner at the Yardhouse (love those!!) and then went to the House of Blues to see Paramore. It was great to finally get to see them live. We (Mike especially) have been fans of them for quite some time so it was great to see them live. It's also amazing how popular they have gotten over the past few years. When we first started listening to them it was completely different. After the show we stopped in at the Yardhouse for another drink and late-night snack. Actually made it to "last call". Haven't closed down a bar in a little while. LOL. 

Thursday morning we checked out at the hotel and then headed over to the zoo. Spent about an hour there. The weather was just gorgeous (80ies F = 26C) so it was nice to be outside and walk around for a bit. What a change too, because Wednesday it was much cooler, windy with showers in the afternoon. After the zoo we had lunch at a brick oven pizza called The Dogwood. After that it was time to head back home and after fighting all the traffic we eventually made it back to Danbury, just in time for Thursday trivia night. :)

Now it's Friday and back to work. Ugh. Working tomorrow, Saturday, too to make up for one of the days we took off. Well, oh well, can't complain too much since I'll be off to Europe in less than two weeks. 

Mail Update: A letter is going out shortly to: Lotte/Denmark and Laura/Spain. Owe replies to: Tiffany/OK.

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