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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Busy 4th of July week

SnoopyThis week was definitely hectic and crazy. No denying that. I guess I figured as much but it definitely was one of the more complicated and annoying holidays in a while. I guess the problem is that the 4th can fall on any day unlike Memorial Day or Labor Day which are always on a Monday. Thursdays is one of our heaviest delivery days schedule wise so trying to rearrange everything so people can receive deliveries on other days then of course overloads those days plus makes it difficult to call everyone for an order in a timely manner. 

Well oh well it's done. I know Monday will still be hectic as we will be dealing with the ripple effects of everything. But hopefully once that is done we should be better off. Fingers crossed anyway. I am definitely of the opinion that as nice as it was to have the 4th off I would have rather worked and had a less stressful week. We didn't really do much on the actual holiday. Slept in which was needed and nice. Then I worked on my creative writing assignments for a while in the afternoon. I can't even remember if I have mentioned this on here or not. A few weeks ago I signed up for a creative writing class online. It's a 6 week course and started on June 19th. So far I am enjoying it a lot. 

Let's see what else is new? Worked Friday and Saturday. Today we slept in and in a little while we are going to take the train to Darien to go to a restaurant we found and like there. It's called "Darien Social" and I have probably mentioned it on here at one point or another. 

Other than that not too much going on. The weather has been really hot (90ies F = 33C) and humid. Today seems especially bad. I am only sitting in front of the computer and am already sweating again after just having taken a shower a little while ago. No fun. 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Jessica/DE, Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark.

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