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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heat Wave, annoying internet and more

HannaI was pretty much 99% done with this post when the internet decided to go out yet again. I am so done with that issue. I really am. I am not sure what is really causing it. It might be the router that is doing it. We did buy a new router that Mike has to put in. It also could be the modem which means we would need to exchange it at Comcast for a new one. Whatever the issue is it is super annoying. I hate being in the middle of the post and all of a sudden the internet goes out and everything is gone. What kind of crap software does Typepad use by the way where it doesn't auto save at least some of it? LiveJournal does that, so how come Typepad that I pay good money for each month can't do that? Anyway, rant over for now I guess.

Anyway enough about all of that. :) It's been really hot this past week which probably doesn't help the cranky factor at all. The whole Northeast has been suffering through a crazy heatwave all week. Temperatures were in the 90iesF (33C) but with the humidity the heat index was around 100F (37C) Just not fun at all. 

We spent most of our time at work where we have AC luckily. After work we went to dinner at various restaurants (also AC). And once we got home we turned on all the fans we have to try and make it somewhat bearable. We did buy an AC window for the bedroom window a few years ago but only used it one summer. It's just such a pain to put in plus it uses up crazy amounts of electricity. So we usually say to ourselves "Ok it's just a few days, it will be ok" and we suffer through it. Oh well. 

Today it's only in the 80ies (27C) but still pretty humid. I was hoping that whatever storm system came through yesterday would wipe this out. But no such luck just yet. We are supposed to have more storms today and the rest of the week so we will see I guess. What a weird summer so far. 

Originally we had talked about going to a NY Mets baseball game today but in the end decided against it. Just didn't feel like it. Yesterday we went to the movies and saw R.I.P.D. (ok movie, funny), relaxed and then tried a restaurant in Newtown we had wanted to try for a while called Figs. Really enjoyed the place so I imagine we will go back. 

Today we hung out at home for a while and will head up to Oxford to eat at 121 in a little bit. Then later we are going to catch up with some more recorded shows I assume.

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Laura/Spain, Jessica/DE, Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark.

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