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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Williamsburg, Amtrak, back to work etc.

HannaBeen meaning to post an update for a while now but just didn't get around to it yet. The rest of our/my stay in Virginia was a lot of fun. On our way down to Williamsburg we stopped at a couple of wineries. Actually the first one we stopped at was Blenheim Vineyards which is owned by Dave Matthews. What a neat place. The building itself is a green building with solar panels on the roof, lots of neat art inside and just a cool vibe throughout. Delicious wine too. It stands out even more considering that Trump Winery is just next door. What a contrast. We did not taste at Trump for the record. Really didn't want to give him any money.

Williamsburg was a lot of fun as always. Mike stayed Saturday and we went to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. A neat place. Saw an otter feeding (so cute!) and a bunch of other animals. They had a nice outdoor boardwalk. Small but fun/different place.    

Sunday Mike drove back to CT with a stop in Arlington, VA (near DC) to meet up with some friends for lunch. I stayed behind and spent a few more days with my parents. Sunday I walked around colonial Williamsburg for a bit in the morning. Then in the afternoon we took the ferry and had lunch at Surrey House followed by the exploration of Chippokes Plantation State Park. 

Monday we took the bridge-tunnel over to Cape Charles where we had lunch at Aqua. Delicious food and great Chesapeake Bay views. Also stopped at a neat little store called Drizzles where I bought some pink peppercorn and Spanish rosemary salt. I always enjoy stores like that where you can taste various products.

Tuesday we drove to Virginia Beach (another beautiful fall day) and had lunch right near the boardwalk at Waterman's Surfside Grille. Yummy food (one of the best crabcakes I had in a long time).

Wednesday it was already time for me to leave. I took Amtrak back which all in all wasn't a terrible experience. I liked the seats and the fact that there is in-seat power and free wi-fi. The train arrived about 20 minutes late into Williamsburg. By the time I made it to Connecticut there was about an hour and a half delay. But that was mostly on account of the electrical problems they were having due to the problem with Con-Ed earlier that day.

My parents flew back to Austria yesterday. Called me today and arrived safely. 

Now it's back to work and normal every day life. Am at work today. Once we finish up we are driving down to Bridgeport where we are seeing FUN. in concert. Looking forward to that. Before the show we are planning on dinner at the Barnum Public House beforehand.  

Mail Update: Mailed a letter on Monday to: Charles/TN. Mailed letters on Thursday to: Nina/WA and Jessica/DE. Received letters still owe a response to: Carmen/Malta.

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