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Friday, October 18, 2013

NYC Highline Update, clumsiness and other various things


Been meaning to make an update since last weekend when we went into NYC. Feels like it's been a while since we hung out there, went on a walk etc. We never really went on one of our long walks along the West Side. We usually start out around 59th Street where we park and then make our way along the river downtown. You pass by the passenger cruise ship terminal, the Intrepid, some nice parks etc. We have gone down to the Battery and also across the Brooklyn Bridge. Here's a link about the path. Long walks but always fun. 

This past Sunday we started out as usual around 59th Street, headed downtown along the river, then crossed over around 29th Street to walk along the High Line. I always enjoy the High Line. They converted one of the old elevated rail line tracks into a park which is really neat. You get very cool views being higher up. It has transformed and helped the whole neighborhood that it's in as well. Very neat. 

After our walk along the High Line we headed to a Mexican restaurant in the Meatpacking district called Dos Caminos. We had been to their location in SoHo previously but not the one in the Meatpacking district. They had brunch going on when we got there so we had Mexican brunch. Quite delicious I have to say. :)  

So that was our Sunday NYC day out. On our way back we stopped at Rosy's and met up with our friends John & Kim and their daughter Riley. It had been a little while since we had seen them so it was fun to catch up. 

I am glad it's Friday today. Still have to work tomorrow but at least the week is coming to an end. I was off this past Monday since I am working Saturday. All in all a nice day off except for the fact that I managed to sprain my left ring finger. Yeah I am super clumsy. I was cleaning out/organizing some boxes in our garage. Worked my way through two boxes and went to turn the box over to break it up. Well, somehow in that movement my finger must have gotten caught in the edge of the box and somehow hyper extended it. Well, let's just say it hurt. I was able to bend it so I don't think it's broken, just a bad sprain. I wrapped it together with the middle finger to help restrict movement and will have to wait for time to heal it. Annoying but what can you do? 

In other news I signed up for another online writing class that started this past Wednesday. Another 6 week course. Should be fun. Next week we are off to the Catskills for a quick 2 night stay for my birthday. Looking forward to a couple of days away. 

Mail Update: Received letters still owe a response to: none.

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