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Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Weekend, Paramore & Scranton, PA

Collage_20140901102133526Here is a quick update from Scranton, PA. We are here for one night for the Paramore show. Worked Saturday and also for about an hour Sunday morning to finish up some month-end stuff at work. Saturday night I was able to meet up with my friend Jana and her friend Nathan for a lovely fondue dinner at the Melting Pot in Darien. Then Sunday morning we drove to Scranton (a little over 2 hrs) and checked in at our hotel. We are staying at a really neat Radisson that originally was a train station and then converted into a hotel later on. Definitely different and a lot of fun. 

After checking in at the hotel we walked around downtown for a bit and had lunch at the Backyard Ale House. Had a nice lunch and then went back to the hotel to freshen up for a bit before heading downstairs to the hotel bar Trax (pretty neat design). Later on we drove to the venue - the Pavillion (definitely different too, on top of a mountain near ski resorts, ski lifts, water parks and whatnot) Saw the end of the opening band New Politics and of course the whole set of Paramore. Ended up not staying for Fallout Boy so we wouldn't have a crazy time getting out of the venue later. This was the third time we saw the show and I can definitely say they put on a great performance at each show. Neat to compare the different venues (Hartford, CT - Holmdel, NJ - Scranton, PA) too. 

Well, now it's Monday morning - Labor Day - and we have the day off. Well mostly, we do have to head into work for about an hour when we get back home but at least we were able to sleep in and can now take it easy for most of the day. We might check out some sights around here before we leave Scranton. There's a train museum really close by to where we are staying (makes sense considering we are staying in a train station doesn't it *g*) so we might check that out in a bit. 

Mail Update: Letters are going out tomorrow to: Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark. Still owe replies to: David/IN.

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