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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anniversary, Valentine's and more

IMG_20150211_175803Another week already flown by again. Today is Sunday so only two more days until we leave for California. I absolutely cannot wait. We had more snow during the week (although 3-5 inches seems like nothing at this point and looking north to Boston where they are getting buried we really can't complain that much) and it's crazy cold out now. The current temperature is currently 15F (-9C) but with the windchill it feels like -3F (=-19C). Tonight the low is supposed to be -7F and there is a windchill warning in effect from 6pm tonight until 9am tomorrow morning. Brrr. 

So to sum up I am definitely looking forward to California. :) Work was busy again this week due to the weather plus the upcoming President's Day holiday and winter break schedules for the schools. Tuesday was our anniversary (14 years!!). Tuesday night we went to the movies to see "The Theory of Everything" (really great movie) and Wednesday night we went for a nice dinner at Ibiza Tapas & WIne Bar. Yummy. 

Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday this year which really made me happy. So we had originally planned to spend the day in NYC, either seeing a show or check out an exhibit at a museum, followed by dinner at Osteria al Doge. It's the place where we officially got together 15 years ago so we try to go back at least once a year. They have the most delicious lasagna and for midtown it's not even priced that high either. So a win-win altogether. :) 

Well things didn't quite work out the way I had wanted. Mike had to go into work Saturday morning to work on an issue with a server plus the weather forecast was iffy with snow coming and super cold temperatures and wind. Not really the kind of weather where you want to be outside, walking long distances. I don't usually mind walking in New York. It's actually kind of nice, you get to people watch and there is always something to see and discover. But I draw the line when the temperature dips down this low. Plus the wind can be really brutal down there too. So anyway, we decided against it, cancelled the reservation and went for a late lunch more locally instead. Then caught up on some TV shows at home. A fairly low key Valentine's but we will make up our NYC day when we get back from California. :) 

Not sure what we are doing yet today. Nothing outdoors due to the temperatures, that's for sure. Even though it's very pretty looking outside, seeing the sun and the snow. But the wind is making everything super frigid cold. Brrr. 

Mail Update. Received letters from: Caroline/Scotland, Emilia/Finland, Kimber/Canada and Alexandra/Peru. 

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