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Sunday, March 01, 2015

March ... and it's snowing again!

_origin_I-hate-winter-7So it's March 1 and I want to pretend that that means we are closer to spring. But it's snowing outside again and the weather does not seem to be improving whatsoever. It was not fun coming back to this after having been in California for a week.

Our flights back were relatively uneventful. We spent our last night in Santa Monica at a cool wine bar (Bodega) Then Tuesday it was time to fly back to the snow. Ugh. 

Work's been busy since we have been back but that's normal I suppose, having to catch up with everything that happened while we were gone.

Worked Wednesday through Saturday. Then had today off. Yesterday after work we went to the movies to see "Kingsmen" with Colin Firth. A fun movie. Today we slept in late (we are both fighting an annoying cold, Mike more so than me) and then headed for a late lunch at 121 Restaurant in Oxford.

Tomorrow is already Monday again. Ugh. And depending on how this snow develops might cause us issues at work too. So done with this winter. 

Mail Update. Received letters from:  Charles/TN, Caroline/Scotland, Laura/Spain and  Carmen/Malta. 

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